Technology User List

Reach out to the world’s best technology professionals, tech giants, CIOs, engineers with our technology mailing list.

Health Care Email List

Grow your business with our Healthcare mailing list and get in touch with healthcare professionals, hospitals.

Decision Makers List

Reach all Decision Makers with our Decision Makers email list & get in touch with the leading executives involved in decision making.

International Mailing List

Our international email lists are enabling to help you reach out to the right audience and prospects of selected demography or location

Business Mailing Lists

With over 40 million industry databases, we offer our clients optimized Business Mailing Lists so that they can reach out to decision makers and maximize their business reaches.

Increase your chances of reaching out to potential decision makers. We made it simple and customized, for business who understand relationship goals to maximize ROI

Our business email lists are industry verified, compiled by our data experts to offer the best for our clients. Leverage your sales and marketing campaigns with business mailing lists.

For every business, we understand the significance of building relationship that matters. Boost your sales and maximize your ROI, as Mail Prospects email marketing lists and mailing databases gives you the edge in email marketing solutions. more…

Our Services

Mail Prospects offer a list of services that serves all the digital marketing needs.
We are eager to work on niche criteria and difficult requirements. Some of our services are

Top Selling Mailing Lists

SAP User Mailing Lists

Our uncompromised cleansing methodologies conservatively promise a realistic 85%+ deliverability rate

ERP and CRM User Lists

Our accurate and current ERP and CRM user lists will focus on niche market and reach the right prospect faster.

Salesforce Users List

The market analyst from Mail Prospects will conduct a thorough analysis of your Salesforce campaign to reach out to Salesforce cloud users.

Oracle Users List

You will get the most comprehensive details of the decision makers and executives through our Oracle user lists.

JD Edwards Users List

We provide you with customized JD Edwards User List that is flexible, reliable, cost-effective and credible.

ERP Users List

ERP Users list of Mail Prospects is garnered as the most profitable databases to enhance B2B marketing campaign ROI.

Microsoft Users List

Our Microsoft User Mailing List will help you get in touch with high-level executives and professionals from the industries implementing ERP.

Dentist Mailing List

We help you enhance your marketing and sales efforts with our divergent and accurate Dentist Mailing List.

 Pharmacy Mailing List

Enter profitable business alliance and partnership deals with customized and channelize your marketing campaign through our Pharmacy Mailing List.

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