About Us

Brief about when it started

Founded in 2009, Mail Prospects has been the global forefront runner in email marketing industry.

With the advent of e-commerce and B2B online businesses, sales professionals turned towards new digital media and advanced marketing techniques. Our range of sales and marketing solutions has been helping small businesses to acquire more customers and increase their consumer base.

About our data solutions

We understand the reason for successful marketing campaigns. As quality data is the key factor for business to succeed and retain their customers, we ensure complete data solutions which are designed for business to deliver results.

Upon reaching us, you will see what we have for you:

Data Counts with Accuracy and Affordability

Our databases are highly regarded by small business for being accurate as we verify every data to ensure data accuracy.

Our email marketing campaign software

Our SendProspects v1.0 is customized with cutting-edge functionalities, which allows multi-functional distribution through several computers. With prominent features like message personalization, click-through and virtual campaign systems.

Marketing Assessment with personalized help

Our marketing assessment is a free consultation that we offer for our clients. Online businesses can get the leverage for right choices that can help to maximize more leads.

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