Framework of Account-Based Marketing Explained

Creating Impact in B2B demand generation with Account-Based Marketing

Traditional Marketing and Demand generation are used business strategy tools. But with the advent of Modern marketing, the traditional concept has been lopsided and now it has maximum reach, clicks and leads. In Account-Based Marketing,

Each lead is considered as account centric, which sales professionals use to convert sales into deals. The new ABM strategy includes predictive analytics tool to identify ideal buyer profiles, fresh and updated contacts database, potential advertising through LinkedIn,

Social media, website personalization and tracking tools. In this Whitepaper, Mail Prospects has analyzed ABM and its framework. It will help marketing and sales professionals to understand how ABM will shape the way marketing is carried out.

What we have covered here:

Treating Individual Sales as Accounts

Defining Account-Based Marketing

4 Stages framework of Account-Based Marketing

Past, Present and Future Revolving ABM

Why Marketers Cannot Ignore ABM?

Incorporating ABM in business

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