10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Social Media

key points competitors teaches about social media

It is obtrusive to pry on your neighbor’s activities. But, sometimes if you can take a cue from their strategy to help your business grow it is a positive remark that may help you learn a thing or two. Analyzing the words of wisdom, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, it is a metaphase that your competitors can teach lessons that can save you the time surpassing the typical obstacles of the present. Who else can teach you better than your nearest competitor? Agree not?

Social media activities started out as an experimental platform to promote business until the recent times; observers fathomed the power it beholds in connecting products to the customers. Social media has since been the cog driving sales and generating wealth for businesses small and large alike.

Every run of the mill brands that upped the ante, and used digitization to its advantage has credited their success to the modern progenitor, the social media. The brazen effort seems yielding as more business following the trend is hitting the high octaves. So, how are they doing it? Take a look at your competitor and you will know how.

Here are top 10 things you need to learn about Social Media Activities from your competitors

Emphasize On Updates

Social media is a vibrant platform. It is where the new internet traffic converges. Of course, it is all part of the medieval internet and nothing changes that. But, the magic ingredient is the users themselves. Suddenly, it appears easier to connect with people of common interest. Reaching the seventh billionth individual from a seven billion strong population seems to be at arm’s reach.

Then, a brighter thought steered the better half of future business with a leading question “why not use social media for business”? Seems like it clicked! But then, every brand that grew on social media will tell you how failing to renovate can cause fanfare to tumble. So consistency is your first chapter on social media. Interaction with followers should be attempted with an unfaltering gait.

Be Brand Centric

Everybody is doing it, but only a few are winning. How could that be? If you are asking the same then pause and pay attention to your competitors. There is something in their strategy that is making them winners. After all, winners aren’t inbred; it’s their ability to do adapt differently that is making them winners. Accomplished brands often deploy teasing the curiosity tactic to bring a hoard of visitors. Such as brief pre-release feature insight about a product will make the visitors wait for the next revelation. Whenever an audio, video or anything in between is made available to subscribers, and if they are distinctive, they will follow you on social media.

Be Selective About Targets

Reckless social media activities are not just futile but can earn your campaign a bad name. So, it is important that you predefine the demography. Many competitors often hire specialists who are plush with statistics before the campaign begins. It is this result driven approach that seems to be winning formula. So, as an observer, you need to jot down the details of practices adopted and by your competitor.

Lead Generation Strategy

Business on the internet means generating leads. But, are you doing it right? Look how your competitor is doing it. Try integrating opt-in forms on your Facebook service page to work your way up the email list.

Reliable Support Service

Social media activities offer coverage to span the customer bracket. It means, most competitors know the value of helping the customer resolve issues pertaining the sold services or products. A robust customer support is a relief to anybody and word about the quality of service will soon echo on the internet and via word of mouth referrals.

Synchronize Social Media And Landing Page

It’s time to revamp your landing pages. If your brand has a Facebook page, make sure you disclose how your subscribers can find you on the Facebook. Provide links that direct them from Facebook to your website.

Information Is Wealth. Know Your Clients Well

The tried and tested strategy is to interact with the visitors and prospects in a better way than you can imagine. Get creative, but not intrusive. Conduct polls, survey and ask plenty of relevant questions. After all, data is everything! The more you know, the better it gets.

Prioritize Search Engine Ranking

In the realm of social media, SEO is a critical ingredient to drive sales campaigns to impressive heights. To gauge expected results, observe what the competitors are up to. No, you need no re-implement, but improvise. Make your strategy better than your competitors by brisk observation of their promotion activities.

To Unlock More Subscribers

See how your competitors are growing on various social media platforms. Due to the uniqueness of these platforms, it is imperative to craft promotions that work best. Study the results and customize your campaigns on a better scale. Soon, your approach could become an inspiration to many.

Paid Advertising – The Next Level Of Opportunity

Market penetration is tedious without getting the word out. Targeted campaigns can sometimes prove beneficial only when you have a predefined demography in scope. But, if you are on a mission to globalize your business, then you are venturing into an area with several big and small players. Suddenly, you may feel the competition list has blown out of proportion. To be seen even as a blip in such a challenging scenario, you will need a novel approach that is not just visible to your local audience, but to every user on social media platform. Paid advertising seems to be the expressway to get the word as far as possible. The results are often quick and convincing that you could be thinking of an expansion sooner than you know.

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