5 Advanced Marketing Trends to Follow in 2016

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An organization faces new challenges with every passing year. Similarly, there is a list of achievements to cherish for the previous year and achieve in the upcoming year. One of the main concerns for every organization is its marketing strategies and techniques to reach out to the target audience. This is the reason that every company goes through a thorough analysis of the market trends to adopt in the present year. check out our 5 Advanced Marketing Trends to Follow in 2016. There has been a constant change in the way the products and services are marketed over the last five years. The marketing giants have come up with better techniques when it comes to marketing. One of the best examples will be the way in which digital marketing has been used to reach out to the buyers. Gaining knowledge about the marketing innovation has always been beneficial for any company operating in any sector.

The ever evolving marketing sector has many new strategies to offer you in the year 2016. Some of the current buzzwords have been digital marketing, big data, data mining, empowered customer and cross-channel marketing. There are some techniques and technologies that will have a big influence in 2016. In the technological segment smart technology, wearable tech, big data and “internet of thing” would be the central point. Similarly, there are certain marketing trends that will dominate the industry.

The most demanding marketing trend for 2016 are:

1. Mobile marketing-

Mobile marketing has been one of the most preferred marketing techniques in the last year. The year 2016 is witnessing a further rise in the sector of mobile marketing. Mobile is predicted to be the future of marketing as per some of the renowned marketing personalities across the world. As per the recently conducted survey, we spend more time browsing our mobile devices than the desktop or laptop. The global digital marketing will reach new heights and may surpass $100 billion. As per the experts mobile will overshadow desktop in the year 2016. Hence, mobile marketing will be the fastest way to reach out to the customers. Mobile friendly sites with display and video will be in maximum demand.

2. The critical element of the customer experience-

Customer experience has always been one of the most critical elements in the growth of a business. The customers have numerous companies to choose from. So getting the customer getting links to your business has to be priotized. There has been an increase in the number of websites and digital channels that helps in reaching out to the customers. With the kind of price comparison offered by the competitors, it is extremely important to achieve high on the level of customer experience. Today’s consumers are ready to pay more for satisfactory experience.

3. The next generation Data- as- a- Service (Daas)-

People are wondering with the usage of big data till now. Investing for the generation of an infrastructure with the collected data can turn out to be costly. Hence Daas is becoming the choice for most of the industries. Daas helps in the mining of the huge amount of data which facilitates market prospects and various channel systems. It could be customer to company channel system and multi- channel program.

4. Increase in demand for visual contents-

Content marketing has occupied a major portion of marketing strategy. It contributes to 93% of the total content. Consumer search for information through the internet before buying a product. Hence, high quality content and visual content will occupy an important place in 2016.

5. Age for brand personalization-

With new trend set in the field of marketing, personalized one-to-one marketing would be the demand that ever marketing organization has to comply with in 2016.

These five marketing techniques will definitely help you when you want your brand and products to reach new heights.

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