6 Myths Debunked About Guerilla Marketing

myths unrolled about guerilla marketing

It’s everywhere; impeccably blend in the world around. The low cost strategy seems to be working. . Some of the best marketing minds have persistently campaigned to increase the awareness on the essentials of Guerrilla marketing. Further, I feel there is a lack of openness to this strategy due to the myths that linger around this lesser understood marketing approach. Here are 6 myths about guerrilla marketing you need to know.

Crowd is Guerrilla

While it is easy to relate guerilla marketing as an approach to get the word out to audiences that aren’t hyper targeted, it is far from the truth. Guerilla marketing works best when the ads are driven into the minds of targeted audiences. The message can soon spill into pool of wider audiences though word of mouth referrals.

In the early stage of business, harnessing every resource to promote your brand is crucial. It can be your family and friends who could help your business lift off.

Guerrilla Market is person centric

Most guerilla Marketing fail because most entrepreneurs are lost in promoting themselves rather than building a followership for their businesses. This narcissistic means of promotion is less lauded because audiences are likely to promote your ideas if you express the enthusiasm to listen to what they have to say first.  After all how can you have followership for your brand without takers?

Guerrilla Marketing is for beginners, they said. I say, It’s a myth

The origin of such a notion is credited to the low cost investment needed to run campaigns. Truth be said, Guerilla marketing is distinct for its unconventional and innovative ethics and it is rewarding to companies irrespective of its financial standings. It quickly became a challenge to ethos of other promotion strategies.  When midget investments can do wonders to generate awareness about your brand then why not?

Guerrilla Marketing is quick, and efficient

Frankly, every entrepreneur is uncompromising of the opportunity to further the milestone. But, when you choose guerilla tactics to market your products and services, you must confront the approach in a well planned manner, because it may seem tempting to expect veritable results right away! But patience and lots of it is the right ingredient to make your campaigns fruitful. To rake a meaning following for your brand, you will need dedication and consistent connection with followers right off the bat. Remember, they are listening to you. The better you deliver, the more they will want.

Small company? Then Guerrilla Marketing is for you

A savvy marketer knows best that adding local features to the business can drastically improve the image and enhance the brand visibility. Freebies, deals and vouchers will bump the business growth to great heights.  But then, the guerilla marketing tactics is adopted by major corporations as well; and the revenue generation is scaling as usual. Maybe, even better.

Anything can be traded Off as Guerrilla Marketing

Everything about guerrilla marketing is about unconventional modus operandi. It is possible to develop promotions that are 100% unique from another. So, you are winning every time you break the rules and improvise, period.  But know this… there is often an invisible line that separates your approach from being acceptable to outright distaste. Don’t run of the mill contests that are likely to end up as train wreck. Do not raise your ante on weirdness factor. Keep it crisp and cheerful to make more heads turn towards your brand.

Be brisk, keep crisp, and have patience. Do not hesitate to claim opportunity that knocks your door. Stage your products in every possible platform that lets you grow and keep the audiences cheerful.

If you think you know eccentric ways of rolling the guerilla marketing strategy, use the comment section below to share with us.

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