How artificial intelligence are used in Email Marketing

application of AI in email marketing

Email Marketing: Set Yourself Up for Success with AI

Email marketing is a pertinent tool to achieve sustained digital marketing success. With the right approach to email marketing, you can build a pipeline of promising customers. Artificial intelligence is taking the digital world by storm.

With the help of sophisticated AI algorithms, you can build a powerful email marketing campaign that can introduce you to higher conversions, better personalization, increased customer satisfaction and ultimately garner a significant steep in customer retention.

Considering the fast-paced world that we live in, incorporating AI in your email marketing should definitely be a pressing priority for business.

Maximize customer lifetime value

How profitable would it be for your business if you could get insights into which customers will have the highest potential of converting and turning into ambassadors of your brand! AI can help achieve exactly this.

Machine learning algorithms analyze and layout customers’ purchase patterns after only their first order and make predictions related to how their buying behavior will pan out over a given period of time.
Such valuable information is nothing less than a treasure trove, allowing you to tailor your business operations and communications in a way that is targeted to entice and engage such groups of customers.
Armed with information around who has the highest potential to convert. You can start building your marketing strategy with a strong focus on attracting, converting and retaining customers. Incorporating AI in your email marketing will propel you to focus on targeted marketing, and maximize customer lifetime value.

Recognizing where your customer is at in the buying journey

Being able to predict is a great value add that AI brings to the table. What AI technology can also enable you to do is provide you the knowledge to build email marketing campaigns, based on what stage your customer is in the customer journey. Since AI is powered by data, it can provide you precious information around your customers’ demographics and psychographics like buying behavior, interests and much more.

By analyzing these data-points, AI makes it possible to set up automated email campaigns that tap into the interests of your customers and engage them with the kind of information that will be most useful for them at the given point in time, offering you a greater chance at nurturing your leads and converting them.

We have all heard of A/B testing and with the power of AI, we can determine with a high degree of accuracy as to what kind of content-both text and visuals can be most effective when reaching out to customers during different stages of their buying cycle.

Personalizing your emails

Tailoring emails as per the customer buying cycle is a huge plus point that AI can enable you to leverage, but added to that, by implanting AI enabled technologies, you can even delve into smart personalization.
Email marketing is all about humanizing your brand is projecting it as an approachable entity. Machine-generated messages do the exact opposite and soon your emails end up in the junk.

To beat this, AI can empower you to build success email marketing campaigns that look as if they have been created by humans and not machines. AI technology analyses your customer information to generate data-driven results. This way you know what kind of content would resonate with different customers.

When powered with AI, you can up your email marketing game by breaking away from the clutter. Artificial intelligence technology is all about creating customized experiences for your customers. With data-driven analyses, AI can enable you to reach out to new customer segments, nurture leads and create successful customer retention programmes, with an eye on the prize. That is the sustainable business success that is driven by continuous innovation.

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