A Guide to Choosing the Best Email Appending Services for Your Business

Email Appending Services

Do you have a great email marketing strategy all set to roll out? Wait! Before reaching out to a wide range of customer segments through email, make sure they are accurate. First and foremost, an email marketing campaign’s success largely depends on possessing active email ids. Content personalization, inserting the right CTAs, and correctly timing emails come next. 

In a nutshell, no matter how spot-on an email campaign you plan, if the message does not reach an in-use email id, your communique will fall on deaf ears. What’s worse is that your email database decays at an alarming rate of 22.5% annually (HubSpot). So, it is critical to have a strategy to make up for these lost contacts. And this is where email appending services kicks in. 

What is email appending?

To append means to “add to something.” Therefore, an email append refers to adding email ids to a customer database. Whether you are starting fresh or running an established enterprise, completing client records with correct email ids is essential. Email appending services are excellent for a database that contains obsolete email ids. Why do emails become outdated? Clients change email ids when they leave jobs, change cities, upgrade to a newer portal, give out fake ids, etc. If your marketing emails are generating lackluster performance repeatedly, it is time for an email append.

Email Appending Services

How to choose the right email appending service provider?

B2B email appending is a delicate process – one with serious norms and compliances. Therefore, the data partner you choose to append email address must be chosen carefully, after thorough analysis. Take into consideration the following dictums.

Ask for recommendations

Take ample time to evaluate an email or data append company’s credibility before hiring them. Start by logging on to their website and checking out their client list. If you find a client on their portal that you know, reach out to them and ask for a reference. Get your top-level management involved for the scouting process, and ask them to tap into their network of colleagues and friends for names. Remember, word-of-mouth goes a long way when it comes to choosing the right email append vendor. 

Be price sensitive

Sure, you want top services at a low price, but here this strategy will likely backfire. Your aim should be to get the best possible service at an optimal rate. Be wary of vendors offering email appending services at a low price because then the likelihood of them violating privacy and spam regulations to build email databases becomes higher.

Get a test batch appended

One of the best ways to evaluate whether your email append provider is genuine or not is to get a sample batch appended. Doing this doesn’t cost much and offers you a real insight into the service provider’s capabilities. Gauge the appended list on the mapping parameters used. You can also ask for a free contact sample from the shortlisted vendors. If they are comfortable handing one out to you with at least a hundred contacts, it shows that they are confident in their capabilities.

Opt for a vendor with cleaned master file

Remember, a truly professional email appending company ensures that their master file is kept clean and as per data cleansing best practices. They also adhere to cleansing and updating parameters like the U.S.P.S. Delivery Point Validation (DPV). You can quiz them on these points to make sure of their level of professionalism.

Turn to mail prospects for best email appending services

Personalize content and generate leads out of your target customer segment by acquiring active email lists with one of the best email append service provided by “Mail Prospects.” Let’s face it! Obtaining an accurate email database is cardinal for B2B email marketing. 

Why to buy from mail prospects?

We offer unparalleled database hygiene, high match rate, opt-in email addresses, and performance-based pricing. Do you already have active email addresses but no names or postal information? Don’t fret! Mail Prospects can help you acquire these through reverse email appending. With the process of reverse email append, you can also segment your database by geo-location. 


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