5 Best Email Marketing Software Services for Small Business in 2021

Email Marketing Services

So, the humble email has stayed through thick-and-thin and granted your business steady growth, so much that handling it all manually is now becoming a problem. You know it’s time to automate processes, to invest in a reliable email marketing SaaS platform.

However, with over 450 tools competing for your attention and each company saying the same thing, it can all seem a little too overwhelming. If you’re stuck in a rut, not sure where to start, well, you’ve landed at the right spot, for starters.

Keep reading to discover the top-rated email marketing software services for small businesses in 2021. After all, with an estimated 4.1 billion email users by the end of 2021, email will still be the winner, and you need to stay on top of your email marketing strategies!

The Purpose of Email Marketing Software

Do you know all about email marketing software? If not, that’s an excellent place to start since this knowledge will help you know your actual needs. The primary function of email marketing software is to build compelling campaigns and monitor their performance. So, you can use the software service to:

  • Design and send effective marketing emails in bulk
  • Track and see how many emails were opened
  • Create customized email templates
  • Preview how your content will be displayed in different inboxes
  • Find out the percentage of people that clicked on the link provided in the email
  • Grow your list of email subscribers
  • Know who unsubscribed from your campaign
  • Handle email bounce backs

Hence, you can create successful email marketing campaigns and measure their success rate with the help of email marketing software services.

Now that you know the key features of email marketing software let’s look at the top 5 contenders for 2021.

Constant Contact

If you are new to the world of email marketing, Constant Contact is the perfect platform for you! It is among the fastest-growing email marketing SaaS platforms worldwide and is a beginner-friendly tool. Using this software, you can easily create new emails and manage your contacts, email lists, templates, marketing calendar, and more.

In addition, Constant Contact provides top-notch solutions for multi-channel marketing, website building, and event hosting. The software is easy to get up and running and can save you time and efforts. Moreover, you get access to unlimited email sends, a wide range of custom email templates, campaign performance tracking, and a drag-and-drop email editor.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is a cost-effective email marketing service that is relatively easy to use. Since this is an affordable alternative to some other email marketing services, some features have been trimmed. However, you can still create influential campaigns by spending a lot less.

Zoho Campaigns offers email automation, merge tags, real-time analytics, subscriber management, A/B testing, team collaboration etc. You can also integrate Google Analytics to enrich the quality of customer data with each interaction.

What’s more, you can even begin with a free version of Zoho Campaigns to decide whether you like the interface or not.


To help you grow your mailing list based on segmentation, Sendinblue is a great choice! It is a fully automated email marketing solution for new companies that offers a host of lead nurturing tools. Some of the tools included in this service are:

  • A/B testing
  • Facebook ads
  • Landing pages
  • Retargeted ads
  • Customizable sign-up forms
  • Advanced email automation

Sendinblue’s email builder is highly intuitive, letting you create the look and feel of your email effortlessly. Additionally, it is loaded with easy-to-use features that allow you to build your contact list with minimal efforts. You don’t require any technical knowledge and skill to operate this software and can opt for their free forever plan.


Mailchimp is a widely popular software service that offers a smooth and natural interface, making it an excellent fit for beginners. It provides a range of organizational tools that will also cater to businesses with a large email subscriber base. This software is flexible and gives you more control over your audiences.

A unique feature included in MailChimp is its built-in image editor, which is extremely handy, allowing you to make the most out of your images. Moreover, you can get the best out of your email strategy by using the 300+ integrations available for personalization. It comes with four different pricing plans, including a free option. 


Last but certainly not least is HubSpot, which is hands-down the best for automated email marketing! Using this automation software, you can create, optimize, and personalize your emails with ease. HubSpot comes with automated workflow that enable you to set alerts for your email subscribers and convert leads into customers.

Furthermore, you can modify your content in line with your brand voice and add images and calls-to-action. The advanced personalization tools help boost open and click-through rates. In addition, HubSpot’s A/B testing tool is a complete kit that allows you to measure campaign performance after in-depth analysis.

Parting Thoughts

Now, incredible as email marketing software services are, they can still never replace the human element. Meaning, despite offering bulk automation, campaign tracking, campaign scheduling, and more, these SaaS tools cannot magically decode how exactly you want your email marketing campaigns to look and feel.

To make the most out of your investment, you need to do your part – segment your email list according to relevant criteria, test your campaigns, and optimize your emails for all devices. Do your due diligence and leave the rest in the hands of these services – let the magic then happen!


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