Best Email Practices on Targeting Recommendations

best email practices

“Targeting the right audience is vital to your email campaigns.”

While many areas of email campaigns continue to evolve, targeting your audience is always an important rule to follow.

It’s important to note that ISPs (internet service providers) are becoming increasingly choosy over which message gets to land in someone’s inbox. A campaign that does not reach a targeted audience could prove detrimental to future email campaigns, which is both difficult and costly to overcome.

But before you plan an Email campaign, you need to lock on a database vendor with the pertinent database; critical for your success.

 How do you find the right company to provide all the email database services you need—from cleaning and maintaining your current database to building a new one from scratch? You do a comprehensive evaluation of each supplier you are considering.

“In recent years, the focus of the marketplace has been on technology and tools,” John Roberson, senior VP marketing and sales of KnowledgeBase Marketing, says. “We were pleasantly surprised by the number of respondents who were looking for better customer service, accessibility, reliability and other high-touch service qualities from their suppliers.”

Things to Consider On Reaching Out to a Data Vendor:


Check whether someone from outside your organization can assist you in running the process, like a project manager from the local board who has conveyed database-related projects.

  • Start by composing the clearest database design you can – somewhat like an expected set of responsibilities. Keep it basic however centered on what you require.
  • Use the NCVO favored provider’s directory and analysis from contacts to draw up a list of conceivable providers. Promote the main details through email records and on your site and welcome individuals to email you on if they are intrigued.
  • Send your current database plans to potential providers and developers and demand for written responses on how they plan to address your issues. Set due dates and indicate interview dates as well. Invite casual contact before itself, if you figure out your time to manage it.


It is vital that you audit the work of people who are selling you a database, regardless of whether they are building something from scratch or adjusting an off-the-rack arrangement. Approach potential providers for the details of referenced clients alike to your association and get in touch with them for a genuine evaluation of the provider and their items.

Albeit some of your prerequisites might be specialized, for example, regardless of whether it requires a server, or whether you’re current PCs will support it, the audit is a chance to ponder on different issues.

  • Can you perceive their previous work done in similar voluntary sector companies or charities?
  • Do their screens appear easy to be navigated?
  • Are their reports simple to set up and then print or export? Would they easy enough for the users to adopt? Request to perceive that it is easy to change the reports, or try yourself if that you can.
  • Who gets the bill if due dates are missed?
  • Do they utilize a dialect you comprehend or overpower you with some sorts of technical jargons?
  • How do they plan to deal with the project? By what means will the progress be observed?
  • Do they have sufficient time to fit in your work? If they offer you a discount will you be given a lower priority?
  • What client manuals or training will you be provided for your investment?
  • What is their hourly rate for any work outside the extent of this project?


  • Compile a shortlist similar to one that you would fulfill a staff post. Perceive the ones you think fit your financial budget and your needs, and after that meet them. A couple of should be adequate, but scrutinizing more may help clear up your necessities.
  • Engage a small yet miscellaneous panel in the interview procedure, including somebody who is identity placing data into the system and also somebody who is identified and utilizing the reports.
  • Apply the interview to choose whether they comprehend your necessities and have the project related aptitude, technical insights and experience to meet them.
  • Remember that you don’t need to settle on an ultimate conclusion at the interview. You can follow up explicit questions with every provider, or ask them to re-present their bid to reflect on any changes you now understand that you have to make. You may request a re-presentation, or unite the board again casually to audit any subsequent data submitted.
  • Even if the meeting goes well, dependably check with officials about how satisfied they are with what they got for their money.
  • Once you’ve chosen somebody, draw up an assertion about how the venture will continue, as a letter of understanding or composed contract. Ensure this incorporates a definite installment plan indicating what is (and is) excluded in both the underlying cost and any continuous membership fees. Ascertain with the queries concerned to legal possession to data, file structures and reports are secured now.
  • A strategic and preliminary project plan will indicate key stages and landmarks for completion and might be incorporated into the submission for the tender. This might be utilized to achieve final agreement, yet never begin work until all details have been completely refreshed and concurred by both the parties.

Analyzing the Audience for Better Engagement

Review the demographic, geographic and lifestyle characteristics of your best customers and look to reach an audience of similar prospects.

By segmenting your emails based on interests, you’ll increase your open and clickthrough rates and lower your unsubscribe rates.

Why? You won’t be blasting products to people who are not interested in them.

Knowing your intended interest group prior to the launch of an email campaign will give you the best chance for success.

  • Give your customer something they want

Many companies try to offer what they feel a customer needs, but what we want and want we need is often very different.

  • Give your customer a reason to take action now

People are busy. People procrastinate. Give them the incentive to act fast.

  • Beware the WIIFM factor

What’s In It for me is going to be a primary factor in purchase choice. If there’s not a clear benefit, why should they act?

  • Give customers more value than risk

It’s not just about the price; it’s also about everything that comes with that cost. Is it worth the investment?

The different strategies that are utilized by marketing experts include B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) marketing. Both of these approaches can prove viable but the one that you need to concentrate on will depend upon the objectives that you need to that you want to achieve as a business and your main customer base. Even though these two marketing tactics appear to be the same, differences are there in what the desired results can be.

  1. B2B marketing speaks much about on how to increase brand awareness and save money. Whereas, B2C marketing speaks about customer satisfaction and retention.
  2. The plans and priorities for a B2B marketer are all about brand awareness and assets. While for a B2C marketer it will be connected to provisions of excellent service and impressing the customer.
  3. While B2B marketers tend to face issues relating to converting leads into sales. However, data suggest that financial issues are more of a problem for B2C marketers.
  4. In the case of B2C marketing, direct mail is used more often to connect with the targeted audience. Whereas in B2B marketing, professionals and brands use social media to promote their brand and share it on major news sites.
  5. Predictive analysis plays an important role which enables B2B marketers to build detailed customer profiling and customizing offers. It is slightly different in case of B2C, as focus is more on groups or segments, instead of the individual customer. Customer data is analyzed differently.
  6. Year-on-year growth in revenue is extensively higher in B2B marketing than B2C marketing. Data shows that B2B growth is 250% higher than B2C.

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