Cognitive Marketing: Definition and How Marketers utilize it?

Cognitive Marketing

For the digital marketing industry, technology and the science of understanding consumer behavior have led to advancements in data science, with emerging computer intelligence and software applications. As we move more into cloud-based computing, so do the massive data and artificial intelligence – which of course will be an instrumental in marketing trends.

Cognitive marketing is the mind behind the message you’re trying to convey. It is a way to form a connection with a customer and create brand loyalty and conversions. Though it’s scientific, we as marketers have to understand the emotions running through the buyer’s mind and start crafting effective and more meaningful campaigns. Using difficult language or presenting childlike content/visuals to adults might seem like marketers having conveyed poor message. As a result it is very essential for marketers to address people according to their mindset in a positive manner.

Artificial Intelligence takes Cognitive Marketing to Higher Level

 There has been a huge impact of Artificial Intelligence in the world of Cognitive Marketing. Marketers now have access to classify the target audience, address major concerns through multiple channels and distribute their campaigns to the right person at the right time.

If we look at Dove, the brand has always been ahead of cognitive marketing. Their ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign from 2013 was undeniably impressive in viewer’s minds. This campaign has received more than 67 million views on YouTube alone. Having collaborated with Cognitive Marketing firm Opentopic and IBM’s Watson engine, they created a campaign that took things to the next level.

Concept expansion and sentiment analysis were the strategies used by the professionals to understand media mentions that mostly spoke about female athletes with a negative sentiment. To make an influential report, the team got the results that they were looking for with the right data guidance.

How Cognitive Marketing helps to take the business to a new level?

Artificial intelligence and cognitive marketing have become the reason behind the transformation of marketing industry. In today’s chaotic economy, lots of business owners are finding new ways to broaden their customer base. While every industry should review their respective business model, there are several potential opportunities for achieving growth. Below are few which would helpful:

  • Find innovative ways to advertise the merchandise. Innovation is the mother of all necessities’.  Every marketer has to remember that, innovating new products or new effective ways to sell the existing product can help diversify your brand and attract more customers.
  • Introduce value-added products and services. We should generate new sales and improve customer satisfaction and introduce substances so that customers complement for what we already have.
  • Re-organize the firm for better. A firm which is well organized tends to get a better ROI in return. So while you live your professional life, we should realize what strategies have to be implemented to improve your firm. If the traditional or the existing approaches are not working, then, research and contemplate on possible sales methods. Focus on sales and marketing efforts by applying various approaches rather than relying solely on the traditional sales approach.

 In conclusion, the age of artificial intelligence (AI) is here and marketers don’t rely on old and inconsistent data. While cognitive conditioning is pretty much scientific, it still will enhance Mankind’s pursuit of advanced thinking. Understanding the audience and getting data analysis is one of the solutions to create great cognitive marketing campaigns that make an impression.

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