10 Brilliant Email Marketing Examples (Best B2B & B2C Examples)

Email Marketing

Are you wondering what it takes to draft an engaging, yet not pushy marketing email? Here are 10 phenomenal examples of that can act as a starter toolkit for your next email marketing campaign. Click here to read more.  

Writing an email that compels your subscribers to open is tough. But, not for everyone it seems! Several B2B and B2C companies are killing it with their email marketing campaigns. They have cracked the code for writing engaging email copies hooked with the right CTAs and eye-grabbing design.

Through this post, we aim to share 10 of the best B2B and B2C email marketing examples to inspire your next campaign. Let’s begin.


Here is a perfectly drafted welcome email by a B2B research organization called Marketingsherpa. Now, a welcome email is your one shot at making a first impression. So, it has to be pretty darn good! And, the creatives at Marketingsherpa get that. Check out their successful tryst with a welcome email that got them hundreds of lead sign-ups.


In this email, Marketingsherpa is welcoming its leads into the fold by providing them an easy access to valuable newsletters. Not only is this an engaging way to get more people to sign up, but also to segment their subscriber base.


The software giant Atlassian introduced a new feature, which seemed complicated at the face of it. But, look at how they have made its benefits easy to consume for an unsuspecting reader! With the help of a crisp infographic that assimilated a wealth of information in just a few pointers, they have captured their reader’s attention.


Apart from making the content consumable, notice how Altassian has added CTAs at the bottom of every feature or benefit. Since accessing additional content has become incredibly easy with the right number of CTAs, it compels the reader to click on the domain that interests them.


Here is another great example of arousing interest of your lead – provide them exclusivity. Hubspot has done this well! Look at this email template which provides a valuable research report for free. Following a “no strings attached” policy sits well with a new lead and Hubspot understands that.


This email doesn’t waste a reader’s time and gets straight to the point, which is to share a valuable resource along with an easy way to download it. Providing exclusive content to a B2B customer has helped several organizations stay ahead of the curve, and Hubspot is one of them.


NewsCred set up a webinar, thus sending out invites to which subscribers were compelled to accept or refuse. The email sent out by this company is designed in a way that evokes the emotion of ‘FOMO’ (Fear of Missing Out).


With a single point CTA, which is to reserve their slot, NewsCred is also promoting exclusivity. The reader can see that only a few were perhaps invited. This never hurts!


Let’s go from the static to the dynamic realm with MailerLite’s video embedded marketing email. This template contains a quick video informing the reader how they can improve their subscriber list. Sharing “How to” emails are a great way to boost engagement rates.


Not only does this template starts by asking a relevant question, it also summarizes a reader’s learnings through the “what will you learn” section. Taking out the suspense just a tad is a great way to get a reader to click-through your content.


From B2B, let’s now move on to 5 brilliant B2C email marketing examples. Check out this personalized email from the vacation rental company AirbNb. This is a rather popularly talked about marketing success story. The very subject line of this email uses not one, but two elements of personalization – the name of the customer and their hometown “Austin” and “Denver”. These personalization tags alter with every subscriber they sent this email to.


The personalization used here naturally increases curiosity as for “Austin” it is easier to take short weekend trips from his hometown “Denver”.


A popular online publication platform Medium features articles ranging from beauty tips to personal finance. Below is their weekly newsletter which witnesses a high number of click-through rates. It’s not surprising considering their newsletter has all the elements to engage the reader.


Medium’s newsletter comes with a featured article which is usually personalized based on a subscriber’s past readings, and a few miscellaneous pieces thrown in the mix just to stir the pot of the reader’s imagination. This template also works because every article title comes with a time stamp so you click open the ones you have time for.


Yelp’s weekly newsletter brings together creativity, witty alliteration, delectable imagery and concise content together. This marketing email throws up options based on your location. It also gets straight to the point, which is to market restaurants selling beignets.


The layout of this email carries a balanced text to image ration, making it easy to read with minimal CTAs and clickable hyperlinks. Here is a no-nonsense effective email copy that receives ample engagement from readers.


A leading B2C personal finance app, Mint offers user-friendly budgeting, bill tracking, money management advisory, payment details and much more. It helps you be one with your finances. This is their newsletter.


Why does it work? Rather than pitching a product, Mint here chose to educate its customers on a personal finance topic with a rather attractive title. The overall layout is clean and does not overwhelm the reader while providing useful and educational content.

Artifact Uprising

Here is a striking email that promises to teach you the skill of photography. It contains a host of eye-gabbing pictures along with a descriptive copy that reels you in the minute you lay our eyes on it. It builds expectation in the mind of the reader and compels them to click on the well-planned CTAs.


Over to You

It’s a no brainer that you need a balanced creative team and in-depth customer insights when creating a marketing email. Begin drafting an email by providing a simple and personalized experience to your leads as well as customers. And, last but not least – take inspiration from these 10 brilliant email marketing examples!

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