Email Unsubscribe – How to avoid Expensive Email Marketing Mistakes

tips to avoid email mistakes


In today’s age of mass marketing and fundamental ambiguity, our prospects and customers can become an outsider to us. In the present day of digital marketing, as marketers how would you keep up your clientage by being devoted to your business and engage them in your interactions? Let’s take a sneak peak of the common mistakes that lead to email unsubscribe.

Are you a skilled email marketer? The concept of direct marketing is being mistaken; even though it is being one of the most effective channels a marketer can use in his/her online marketing strategy.

Despite that email being used in the everyday task, does that mean that you’re being strategic about what you’re sending to your customers?

Pause before you click on the send button and check these mistakes on the email that lead to email unsubscribe and what you can do to avoid them.

  • Do you know who your recipients are? One of the biggest email marketing mistakes is, not trying to understand and know who your recipients are. If your customers receive irrelevant emails that do not meet their interests, you will lose them.


Considering the above situation, List Segmentation would be one of the best solutions. Segment or categorize your contacts by lead, product, demographic or service updates. Also, check what exactly your clients are looking for from a subscription. This will enable you to send the correct email to the apt individual, improving your probability of a conversion.

I have written articles on email segmentation; one of which you can read more about it in my blog – Leverage email marketing with email segmentation in B2B Marketing

  • One most terrible thing that can happen to an email marketing campaign is that it lands on the spam/junk folder of your recipient. This small mistake can occur even after you’ve polished and fluffed and are ready to drive results.


As marketers, consider to Avoid Spamming Tendencies. Stay away from including virus attacked attachments in your campaigns. Include a call-to-action for effective tracking of click-rates and leads. This helps in reducing spam filters.

Subject-line is also very important. Create a subject line without using any spam-related words as spam filters will move your email campaign to the recipients’ trash.

While marketing, most marketers make errors in the content. When it comes to content, marketers usually make mistakes such as

  • Grammatical errors or spelling
  • Unappealing content
  • Too much content
  • Un-personalized content


Take a pledge to create content based on your Persona and entice your readers with content that gets them excited about your offers.  For an effective email marketing campaign, offer customized content about your products/services that address your beneficiaries by name at the highest point of each email.

The image to text ratio has to equal (that is 50:50 ratio) which leads to better deliverability rates. The aim is to start their advantage and urge them to make an extra move to learn more about the offer.

Providing significant and helpful content is a wonderful way to persuade your customers and increase the engagement level.

Therefore, I have recommended few points that you have to keep in mind to avoid mistakes while sending an email to your recipients.

Mistakes committed by individuals are made more often. Businesses of all sizes and types make a huge blunder when it comes to email marketing. Marketers either wait or send an apology depending on the error and your audience. But sending too many emails may lead to increase in the email unsubscribe.

Below are few steps that will help every marketer to avoid committing mistakes in the email:

Make an assessment or review before the work you’re doing. See what the impact would be of the mistake. Check what the email list size is and what the open and click-through rate is? The sooner you find out what the error is, the quicker you can send out a follow-up with minimal impact.

Furthermore, check for how big the mistake is and how it would affect your business? A pricing error or the wrong date could have a major impact on your business or organization, so sending out a follow-up email is a must.

Once you’ve evaluated the circumstances, make a decision on how to act in response. Whilst you send a follow-up email, be clear, quick and apologize for the mistake or misunderstanding you’ve created. You can likewise rectify the error, depending on where the mistake lies in your email, i.e., a mistake in the title, in a connection subject line, or in the content.Make use of words like “We Apologize” in the subject line, so your recipients are familiar with why they

Make use of words like “We Apologize” in the subject line, so your recipients are familiar with why they have received one more email. Consider using the pre-header for the correction information.

Once you’ve made a decision about your plan, measure on how things went. Keep a track on your open and click-through rates and learn if it has changed due to the error. Also, check the un-subscription rate due to the error occurred before in the campaign. Compare original and follow-up emails and check the stats if they are in balance or not.

To avoid email unsubscribe errors in the future, “Proofread”. Always send a test email and check for any errors. Ensure the copy makes sense, that you see the right images and they’re rendering correctly, and that all your links work. Check for grammatical errors through grammar software.


Email marketing is one of the valuable tools for driving traffic to your website. An email will help in increasing the leads and keep your customers engaged. Concentrate on conveying convincing, streamlined messages and see your ROI instantly!



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