How To Improve B2B Email Marketing Campaign ROI

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Ignoring mainstream challenges cannot expand your B2B email marketing ROI

A critical contemplation is essential to examine why your email marketing ROI is not expanding the way it should after a campaign has concluded. What has gone amiss? Lost in the quagmire of attracting attention through various online channels, you may have overlooked several issues that divert the customer. This brings us to the crucial point of how to make changes for the revenue to increase as email marketing remains the most effective method to get conversions.

 We offer a detailed context to overcome the challenges, improve ROI and keep customers engaged.

Deepen the connect: A merethank you’ does not convert subscribers

 Typically, there are 3 encouraging reasons B2B marketers connect with prospects who evoke business interest through email communications.

  1. When there is a promising hint that the sale is likely to close.
  2. Spreading the word about the business and how it will enable the prospect to order products.
  3. Learn more and identify customers’ interests to fulfill their demand.

Many marketing people send a ‘thank you note’ to prospects expressing curiosity in their organization. Do you know that it carries immense possibilities to get the customers more interested? Along with this response compute corresponding information to educate and broaden awareness of the company’s offerings.

For example, if the subscriber has expressed interest by requesting for more information during a webinar organized by your company then it would be appropriate to send a link to the website, or the page where white papers, case studies are available. It transmits a broad idea before further questioning. This is just the initial tip of the marketing potential of such an email. Did you ever consider why after a responsive email no one bothered to ask any more questions previously? It is possible, you forwarded no information at all or inundated the recipient with too much material to absorb.

Overcoming challenge number 1: Do not overdo or send more than necessary information. It could put off the subscriber. Send the link that offers a specific answer to the inquiry.

Other methods to expand ROI with a ‘thank you note’

By sending an information overload a customer is confused. Alternatively, the same education and awareness are available through other routes. A customer may wish to browse on his own before asking for something in particular. Enable him to navigate the company’s Twitter handle, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Facebook pages. By providing such links, he does not feel cornered and it allows breathing space before a conversation can begin via emails.

Pay attention to:

  1. Optimization of the email design, copy, main subject one-liners, call-to-action when sending the ‘thank you’ note. Your response is crucial to keep the subscriber engaged until there is a potential for the return of investment.
  2. A quick inquiry allows you to add testimonials if the person has heard about the company’s products for the first time. Such conversions require endorsement from others or reviews to steer the conversation further. Send links of the website or social media which inspires the person to order products. When promotional emails are released, the enquires from first-time recipients are related to quality, pricing or stocks are common.
  3. If you represent the marketing department of a large enterprise and find that a potential subject equally belongs to a big company, secure the ‘thank you note’ with the CEO’s signature. It is an impressive way to acknowledge the other party’s interest and correspondingly accord them importance. There are more chances of ROI by such an active rejoinder. This gesture enhances the credibility to subsequent conversations.
  4. There is a thin line between getting extremely personal and enthusiastic in a ‘thank you’ email with the recipient. Be warm and enthusiastic but don’t become intimate. It ruins the chances of reaching or connecting with the prospect. This could be the reason why you were snubbed earlier.
  5. Links should be carefully included in the email. For example, only a single website link should be given to the subscriber who asks for generic knowledge. He could forward the same to other connections who may equally benefit from the offer if there is no interest from his end.

 Overcoming challenge number 2: The above tips work if you include an email opt-in form. It adds to the email lists for promotional offers, discounts or information on the company’s products.

 Stop ignoring in-the-face challenges

Ask yourself a few questions to eliminate hurdles that lurk in every marketing campaign. The strategy should be tweaked to maximize the company’s investments for B2B campaigns.

  1. Which is the best day and time to release content to recipients in a niche email list?
  2. How can the content be successfully prepared to match investment?
  3. Will open or click rates lead to thoughtful conversions beyond ‘thank you’ notes?
  4. How B2B leads are generated after the campaign is over with other channels?
  5. Should a promotional email be followed by a quick communication to introduce the products and website?

There are other sundry parameters required to address the issues regarding effective communications through the inbox. Taking note of these aspects will remove hurdles that plague revenue generation.

A head start for the next strategy

Once you recognize the above challenges, it is time to obtain a head start for the next B2B marketing drive. There are 3 ways and they are explained in detail.

Running Test1

Running targeted campaigns

 Emails are being sent in millions and now it is hard to find marketing material in the inbox. Most service providers dispatch them straight to the junk or spam boxes. Hence, the first hurdle to be removed is to get into the inbox. This is why targeted campaigns have assumed significance. Unless the recipient finds it relevant, the strategy will not work. This can be performed by the following means:

  1. Micro-targeting the segment – based on geography, designation or industry
  2. Content can be modified considerably to target a suitable person. Speak about how your products can solve their problems and offer solutions and support.
  3. Benefits should be included along with links to make communication authentic.
  4. If need be, addressing the person by the first name works. It prompts faster opening of the email and reading the material.

Sending emails on right day and time

As we all know there are very few weekend warriors, and Monday blues affect everyone. Sending emails on particular days and timing matters to make vital connections. Naturally, one solution does not fit all. Therefore, your strategy should be based on learning when is the precise time to click the send button. It will yield the best responses.

Having an operative monitoring system

 Automation enjoys immense benefits and an operative monitoring system should be followed. A data-driven campaign bears results and improves ROI. The system should include:

  1. Ability to calculate click rate and traffic generation with analytics.
  2. Learning to recognize anonymous and known conversions.
  3. How many visits a new visitor takes to become a customer.
  4. You can also investigate how the previous campaigns have fared and implement changes in the next one.

Releasing emails is a complex process even though it is rated the cheapest for all businesses. Understanding how to deliver suitable content and connect with the subscribers is best done by the above methods. It is the finest platform to generate more revenue, increase sales and the B2B customer base at a moderate cost.

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