Why Marketers should Consider Data Licensing

reasons why marketers should consider data lecincing

Without a certified license, data cannot be truly opened. Licenses signify anyone that they can access, use and share your data.

Unless you avail a license, data will be ‘publicly available’, but users won’t have permission to access, use and share it under copyright or database laws.

Licensing allows businesses, individuals or governments to avail and make use of open data. Providing room for innovation data licensing tends to unlock the value of plentiful data available.

Think of a situation where you have come across relevant data but are abide by copyright laws, here data licensing comes to a great relief.

Till now, marketers weren’t really aware of the advantages licensing unfolds, but growing trends but unfurled their benefits.

But before plunging into the privileges data licensing has provided, let’s first understand what Data Licensing is??

Data Licensing is a useful service to get accessible to clean, accurate, and real-time database, specific for your requirement. It avails you licensing for required set of database. The time period of the license varies from trader to trader.

Data licensing has been worthwhile for industries that required bulk database and consumer insights, which are more than just email addresses and telephone numbers. Internal marketing automation tools and software offer you database, but the question is, does it really meet your expected target of leads?

Call for Data Licensing

For any marketer data could be referred as “wealth”. A large share of any email campaign or online promotion is greatly depended upon the quality of data you provide. Business firms have to rely on in-house or paid database.

Often the in-house data may not meet the demand or expectations of your clients. Ultimately, your lead counts fall. With Data licensing, you can buy sets of data and can customize it as per your requirements.

The available database is skilfully drafted after a strong scrutiny and market research to justify your needs.

Some more grounds added to the popularity of licensing. The factors are high email bounce rates because of poor database quality with real-time errors and data repetition. The absence of specific database based on list segmentation leading to poor email campaigns.

Considering these factors, data licensing evolved much like a bright light.

Why at all Data Licensing matters??

Email and social media marketing are vital for gaining leads, registrations and subscriptions. But no matter what method you use to promote your campaign, eventually the key to earn quality leads is a relevant and clean set of database. Added licensing holds true in providing you the following features:

  • Significant reduction in your expenditure to acquire new customers
  • Acquires a larger portion of your intended market
  • Reduces file processing jobs
  • Cuts down on merge/purge outflows
  • Save with a single-source contributor for unique data
  • Make plentiful contacts across key demographic segments
  • Work with a stellar account team that handles each aspect of your association
  • Set up regular invoicing schedules for complete convenience

Benefits of Data Licensing

Providing Certainty

Sends emails headed for your accustomed list which includes all opt-in emails. IT marketers have been depending more on licensing as it guarantees acting as a catalyst to cause more quality leads through clean and reliable data.

 Providing Clarity

Database you obtain will be cleaned and simplified frequently. Monthly updates of new database will be done based on specific industries and topics.

 Enabling Innovation

Licensing enables experimentation, innovation and exploration of open data in new services or products. Backed by a vigorous market research and expertise to manage your email marketing campaigns, licences help you in numerous ways.

Being marketers if you haven’t considered data licensing till now, start doing it.

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