How To Optimize Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign

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Dodge the hawking attitude and hook B2B subscribers right now: Optimize your campaign trail

Leveraging the genius ‘Albert Einstein brain’ is easier said than done when it comes to getting B2B subscribers to read your carefully written email marketing campaigns. Customers receive tons of such communications from marketers. What will make them open ‘attention-grabbing’ content and filter others pouring into the inbox? Two things dominate the email marketing landscape and will continue to do so. 1. No-hawking attitude 2. Possibility of thrilling customer experience (that’s right) interpreting the content. Bet, you want to know more about optimizing your campaign trail via emails.

You may have to sit up until midnight and run through this text in peace. The key takeaways will include a bunch of brainy ideas, that Einstein would also raise his eyebrows too. Just get your reading glasses and optimize your future email marketing campaigns.

So far ideas that have got hits and misses

Ever since digital promotions made its impact on consumers, the email marketing spotlight has been on improvisation and optimization of:

1. Subject lines – with a bit of luck and clickbait links have been popular but this does not work for all campaigns. It still matters but needs to be ‘handled’ with care to ‘hook up’ potential customers. It needs constant improvisation.
2. Sending relevant content – Hmm, don’t we all do that? Then what goes wrong? Why does the subscriber spam you like an unpleasant experience? What are the possibilities of presenting a thrilling experience?
3. Segmenting lists – Sure, this has been performed too. Then why are the results so helpless?
4. How often do CTAs work? Sometimes, but something happens between the click and the landing page. Time and again there is a frustrating U-turn. Who signed up for this? Another harrowing experience that brings zero results.
5. Split testing – What’s that? If you have not done it in advance, you have squandered many opportunities.
6. Measuring results – Hmm, that has been dismal. From this year try predictive analysis (more on this later).
7. Email marketing tools and features have not worked – It is possible you had picked the wrong service provider or the tools for optimization. Customers want more ‘me-time.’ They are getting increasingly greedy while conducting B2B business. You should be bearing this as a warning to avoid selling them products outright. This is one key meta-trend to hook the subscribers through email campaigns.

Customer experience through an email campaign

Marketers will have to continue to personalize the content and make it customer-centric. They will discuss the ‘experience’ and then focus on pricing and placing orders. As long as they are skilled to help the customers to pick the quality, and offer insights and not just information it will be useful. The idea is to make the email content look like ‘business as usual’ rather than create drama around the campaign.

A promotional campaign can be noteworthy but if it is to bring the products on the table and do business then cut off the unnecessary drama. This will give a better customer experience and mirror the lifecycle of a legitimate purchase or placement of the order.

Key takeaway: Customers require you to hold up the brand/product promise. That is what they have signed up with you. If the promises are not kept, subscribers will spam you and ignore the messages no matter how captivating they are.

Email data & Predictive Analysis

Using automation and indulging in automated engagements are distinct. Marketers get a copious amount of data. Collecting the information for intuitive usage is desired. But how many are able to do the predictive analysis for intuitive measures? Such data required automated systems to make quality optimization for a campaign. With predictions, a proper strategy for making the content can be applied. A prognostic email offers the subscriber the opportunity what to do next.

Key takeaway: It will be easier to discern while looking back at the data to know WHAT EXACTLY THE CONSUMER WANTS AND ALSO BUY NEXT.

Uniformity in actual purchase order and branding via email

When salespeople contact potential customers, they offer the most profitable deals with samples. After the actual purchase things change. And just to keep in touch, the customer is bombarded with email branding of the products. If there is no uniformity in the words (during meetings) and actions (delivering orders) one could stare at failure.

Key takeaway: Your marketing ability will succeed when the brand authenticity matches customer expectation. If there is room for optimization through emails do it from the customer perspective.

Advanced analytics will directly involve artificial intelligence
Smart marketers are constantly looking at original ways to automate and equally impress customers with new fanged techniques to reach out to them. As they give a feeling of evolving with times, even the product line should be equally trendy. This allows customers to believe in their thoughts of being innovative and reaching out to their demands. Alternative opportunities should be exploited for improvisation, and it is extremely significant in the competitive B2B sector. Global companies are already using artificial intelligence in their marketing. Emails are not purely for nurturing leads but also for giving a better customer experience.

Key takeaway: Adoption of AI is likely to increase and dominate marketing techniques in the near future. Since it is complex, timely opportunities will support smart marketers to take the lead in being better positioned in the inbox rather than the spam.

Respect privacy while keeping in touch

Email lists have become narrow as customers want more privacy. Marketers will have to protect their data and also be careful with the messages being sent to them on a regular basis. Keeping in touch with the valued patrons will come at a price. They will have to consolidate the lists, update them and enhance it regularly.

Key takeaway: Being smart will mean using predictions, respecting privacy and yet keeping in touch with the exact degree of relevancy. This will add panache to the trailing campaigns. Emails have long term benefits and constantly improving the way marketers communicate will continue to be significant to all stakeholders.

Closing thoughts
As time passes by marketers will have to be prepared to the continuous improvement of the way they communicate. There will be hits and misses and between it, a balance will have to be found to remain relevant. There is more reason for emails to be important. As social media is getting the thumbs down on many channels, the respect for emails still remains intact. It will be foolish to let go of this medium for B2B communities. For many e-commerce portals, emails will continue to engage the people and help to expand sales. Therefore, cultivate the genius ‘Albert Einstein brain’ with the above insights. And don’t forget hawking inevitably is not an admirable idea. Let the customer have a wholesome experience while opening the email and absorbing the contents. They will respond and establish the connections.

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