Personalization and Marketing Automation in Email Marketing

future of email marketing personalization

Marketers have witnessed e-mail to be the success of direct marketing. What are the trends and constant factors that the professionals have laid out? Let’s take a leap into the future of email g, where it involves tactics, changes, and predictions for 2017.

Email — the backbone in the marketing toolbox for every marketer, continuously evolves the tactics to give the shifting audience.

Gathering the synopsis of direct marketing and its future has constantly remained a virtuous reason to highlight about e-mail marketing, personalization, and marketing automation in 2017 and beyond.

So, let’s see what the prospective email marketing of tomorrow is…


Emergence of Email Marketing

Email marketing an essential channel for every business’ marketing plan, helps in building customer loyalty. While email marketing has to be in real-time and personalized, marketers should consider data protection for a better performance.

In recent years, as email marketing is experiencing a great shift, there are several thought-provoking predictions that would trace on the subscriber experience, inbox functionality, deliverability, design and coding, and more.

Email Prediction Statistical Report

IndieMark has a curated chart summary of Email Predictions where Data Analysis, Emails and ESP’s and content have significantly increased. Check out the full 134 Email Marketing Predictions here.

Below are few opinions or predictions of email marketing that helps in 2017 and beyond:

  • With automation, email services have empowered more effective following of leads and clients to increase retention rates. This drift will go ahead and be incorporated with the UI of ESPs.
  • With the right content to the right user, E-mail marketing represents the incorporation of real-time audience data with data management platforms and ad exchanges. Likewise, personalized content based on the installed apps could be shown to the users.
  • E-mail marketing campaigns include dynamic ads that can also deep link to the advertiser’s app.
  • Businesses will be able to analyze and optimize metrics beforehand of e-mail campaigns, to produce the highest levels of engagement.

Few other trends that define the future of email marketing are,

  • Channel Stability
  • Hyper-personalization
  • Interactivity
  • Compliance & Privacy.


The Future of Email Marketing: Marketing Automation

Do you think that Marketing Automation is the future of Email Marketing? As marketers, how many are aware of marketing automation in Email Marketing. If you aren’t aware then it’s essential to change the way you think.

The Future of Email Marketing: Marketing Automation

But before we get there, let’s try to understand the meaning of Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation has been defined in several ways, ranging from sending a few targeted emails to soup-to-nuts automation.

So, defining the Marketing Automation, it is the distribution of personalized categorization of emails to teach and build the confidence based on people’s engagement with your website.

Likewise, Marketing Automation has the capability to segment your subscribers and send offers or messages to the targeted audience. As marketers, you’d expect some marketing automation software which offers better features; but, the core purpose of marketing automation is to engage and develop leads over a period.

Marketing Automation as the future of email marketing — here is why it is.

  1. Marketing Automation impacts the conversion rate and can precisely customize the communications.
  2. Marketing Automation software easily achieves undertakings like scheduling emails and social media for businesses.
  3. Marketing Automation software can afford the native integrations with every significant network and add collaboration information straightforwardly to client profiles.
  4. Marketing automation programs in the coming year will need to support loyalty programs that go beyond “buy two, get one free.”

While marketers have believed that the e-mail marketing is wrecked, they also have been trying frequent email marketing services and consistently watching the open rates and the conversion rates.

A study by Gleanster reports says that 90% of marketer’s report uses the marketing automation for large-volume email campaigns.

The automation’s quality lies in its ability to deal with huge amount of channel management, believes Jerry Jao from Forbes. Thus, the consumers would want authenticity and personalization in the content they get.

Jao also predicts the rise of marketing tools which has the ability to create creative campaigns from real-time data-driven insights.

Knowing what the marketing automation trends are, will help you keep up the focus of your goals and tactics


The Future of Email Marketing: Personalization

For most marketers “Personalization via Big Data” have become the baseline standard as it would have triggered the email.

Despite the importance and benefits of “Personalization” in the email marketing, 60% of the businesses which are referred to personalization as the biggest marketing challenge.

And yet, as marketers how would you stay on top of the curve?

Below are few tactics that every marketer can consider.

  • Persuade guests to sign in. communicate to your customers on a more personal level to know them better and encourage them to register for your website.
  • Personalize your own brand. Building a personalized experience for customers helps to develop your brand. Creating emails that sound unique will increase the level of building customer retention and loyalty.
  • Craft a relevant content to your subscribers. For every marketer, their customers are unique. So, tailor your emails according to your customers’ specific needs and behaviors, for a successful personalized email marketing campaign.

Marketers regularly see personalization at scale as an overwhelming undertaking, requiring millions in IT ventures. But thriving companies often begin with little to generate a quick top-line impact and later self-fund the initiative.



At present, Email plays an important role in marketing campaigns. There is a fierce competition for open-rates and click-through rates. We have entered the age of one-to-few and one-to-one email marketing. So, the key digital channels in which marketing automation and personalized messaging intersect, with the right balance helps marketers maximize ROI without subjecting themselves to privacy data.

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