Steps to Build a Real Estate Email List that Works

Realtor Mailing List

If you work within the real estate sector, you already know what a competitive space it is! Here, buying and selling property not only depends on the listings you have but also on your network of contacts. And, building a roster full of warm leads (contacts) is an uphill task!

Given that a majority of real estate agents and companies target prospects over emails since it’s cost-effective and offers a premium one-on-one time with readers, it’s critical they have a robust email list. An email list replete with genuine email addresses of potential buyers can be a make or break for any real estate agent.

Anyway, 91% of individuals check their emails daily, which is why readying a realtor email list is a non-negotiable, especially for a real estate individual or establishment.

Fortunately, several real estate industry marketers realize the criticality of targeting leads using a robust email list. However, they lack the prowess to create one! If you face the same problem, allow us to educate you on the practices of building a real estate email list.

5 Steps to Create a Responsive Real Estate Email List

All it takes is a few hours to land with a high-quality real estate mailing list if you know the process. And, here are the steps to get there:

Identify and Segment Your Audience

The real estate sector is vast, with many sub-branches and a diverse set of buyers, all looking for different things. Tailoring marketing content for the entire market is impossible, but more importantly, not worth your time.

Therefore, you must figure out who your ideal customers are. Maybe, you only deal with high-end real estate. In which case, there’s no point filling up your targeted email list with prospects looking to rent out smaller properties in lesser-known neighborhoods.

Once you have a broad idea of who your clients are, segment them by creating an ideal customer profile. The more detail a persona you create, the better.

Create a High-Quality SEO-Friendly Website

Once you know your target market, it will become easier to design a website keeping their tech-savviness and property needs in mind. We know crafting the perfect website might sound overwhelming, but it’s really not.

In fact, you don’t even need a huge website. All you need are a few landing pages that carry valuable listings and an easy way to get in touch with you.

Here are a few tips for creating beautiful landing pages:

  • Make sure the landing pages you create are user-friendly and optimized for mobile phones.
  • The content should contain the right keywords and phrases that your prospects are currently using to find services that you also provide. This is called search engine optimization. When you invest in SEO, you stand to rank higher, mostly on the first page, of search engines like Google.
  • Write an impactful headline. Don’t make it generic. Your headlines should either talk about your offering or carry a statistic about how many sales you made.
  • Provide social proof that your listings are worthy by adding testimonials to your landing page.
  • Lastly, place the right CTAs or Calls to Action buttons to prompt the next action you want your viewers to take.

Design Short and Crisp Opt-In and Pop-Up Forms

Getting a high-quality website up and ready is not enough to get sales leads to contact you. Sure, you will receive a few emails from individuals who are genuinely interested in visiting your listings or selling their property through you. But, these prospects would form only the bottom of your sales funnel.

You also need to fish out leads that can form the top and middle of the funnel, meaning the ones that need what you have but don’t know about you and the ones that know about you but require more information about your offerings.

To nudge these people into contacting you so you can nurture them into conversion will happen when you incorporate ways for them to sign up with you through opt-in and pop-up forms on your website. Once prospects sign up, you can target them with personalized emails.

Imagine visitors quickly surfing your website and finding something valuable should not have to click on the “contact us” tab to reach out to you. Only the really interested ones will do that anyway! The fence-sitters who think they will contact you later will fill out your pop-up or an opt-in form on a particular landing page and subscribe to email communication from you.

Make sure these website opt-ins and contact forms are short and don’t ask for anything other than name and realtor email address. You don’t want these forms to annoy prospects, but simply prove to be an easier way to subscribe to your email list. 

Provide Valuable Resources in Exchange for Email Ids

In short, invest in content marketing! It is a cost-effective way to get emailing leads to subscribe to your email list and also establish yourself as an expert in your field. Invest in devising a content marketing strategy where you target audiences by sharing valuable content with them. How? Through blogs, case studies, e-books, conducting live events, and much more.

Publish your content on your own website, blogsite, guest blog sites, social media handles, share them via email marketing or any other avenue you deem fit. In exchange for sharing helpful content, seek your lead’s email ids. More often than not, they will happily give you the same.

Content marketing is not only a great way to convert prospects into customers, but it also helps move real estate agent leads quickly through your sales funnel.  

Invest in a Reliable Third-Party Data Vendor

While the top 4 methods are great for generating a real estate contact database, you should supplement it with more highly qualified email contacts. You can do this by procuring an already prepared real estate email list from a third-party data expert.

Why investing in a reliable third-party data vendor is a great idea? While you have to juggle multiple tasks along with building your email list, the primary task of third-party data vendors is to only build email lists.

Their entire focus is to collect, cleanse, enrich and append email lists, including ones for the real estate sector. And, companies that do it well can help you multiply your lead response rate rather quickly.

Selecting a credible vendor might be tricky, which is why you must do thorough research, ask your colleagues to recommend you the one they use, and request a sample mailing list from the vendors you shortlist.

Parting Thoughts

Crafting your realtor mailing list is not an impossible task if you know where to start. And, with this 5-step guide under your belt, you are now ready to build a robust and responsive real estate email list.

So, get your sales and marketing teams together, brainstorm who and where your customers are, tailor content for them, and have them opt-in for your email communication.

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