You need a mailing list which is just as unique as your brand

We understand that a lot of sweat and blood goes into creating an attractive marketing campaign and that is why we ensure that our custom email list take your marketing campaigns to success.

There are plenty of reasons why you should opt for email marketing. The ability to communicate with a targeted audience and personalization is one of the most important ones. However, if you send your emails to anyone and everyone then the whole point is lost! What makes email marketing unique is that, unlike other forms of marketing like direct or event marketing, you don’t just put your campaign out there hoping that interested people get back to you.

Targeted marketing allows you to filter out your audience so that your campaigns reach the right people at the right time with the right message. This exponentially increases the chances of response and conversion of leads into clients because you only communicate with the interested people.

Custom Email List: Your ticket to personalized communication

If you have enough information about the client, you can pitch your product in a way that is bound to strike a chord with that person. Something as simple as using names to address your prospective clients can make an impact. However, a readymade email list will be the same as other forms of marketing mentioned above. In which case, all you have is hope that an interested person receives your mail and responds.

Every marketing campaign has its own needs. Your brand as well as the products and services that you are attempting to sell are one-of-their-kind. The audience differs from campaign to campaign and that is the very reason why marketers cannot keep using the same marketing strategy for every product. So, when you craft a campaign, you do so keeping in mind a certain type of people, but your efforts would go futile if your message does not reach them. Thus, the list of people who receive your marketing mail needs to be tailor-made just like your marketing strategy. A customized email list is what will drive your marketing campaigns to success.

Let us do the tailoring with custom-built B2B email lists

We at Mail Prospects offer a bespoke marketing database, which will take your campaign to the people who are most likely to respond. Our lists are created after thorough research by a team of professionals who ensure that our data is the perfect match for your campaign. Additionally, our fast database processors are a guaranty that you will receive precise data in no time!

A well-researched data too, after all, gets outdated. A person may have been a prospect six months ago, but in these six months anything could have happened to no longer qualify him as a prospect - he could have moved, his interests could have changed, he could have changed jobs, he could have changed his contact details. Luckily, we at Mail Prospects update our data quarterly, ensuring that you only reach people who are interested in your product in the present.

Your data will be segmented across data fields like:

First Name, Last Name

Contact Title

Email, Postal Address and Zip Code.

Phone Number, Fax Number

Company Name

Web Address

Industry Types

SIC Code & NAICS Code

Company Size, Revenue Size

Personnel Specifics

This variety of information will allow you to add a personal touch to your marketing mails which will leave a lasting impression on the recipient, making them more likely to purchase your product or services. Personalization will make the recipient feel seen; it will act as a reaffirmation that it is your product that they need. It will make your pitch stand out if the recipient's inbox is filled with similar emails.

We do everything we can to boost your returns from verification to precision targeting, ensuring that you connect easily with C-suite executive and key decision-makers. You can get your mailing lists customized based on age, geographic location, income, etc. All you need to do is to specify your needs and leave the rest to us!

Try before you buy our Custom Mailing List

Still sitting on the fence? Well, we have the perfect solution for your dilemma – when in doubt, request for a sample! Yes, Mail Prospects offers you a sample marketing list free of cost so that you can see our services for yourself before you commit. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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