Why customer profiling is key to effective marketing

One of the most important factors that affect any form of communication is the extent to which you know your audience. Marketing too, after all, is communicating about your product(s) to your customers. Therefore, it becomes elemental that you profile and segment your audience to understand them better and make your marketing effective as well as optimize the use of your resources in the process.

What is Customer Profiling and Customer Segmentation?

Customer profiling is finding out the characteristics of a group of people and describing their preferences. In the simplest of terms, customer profiling is building the personas of your customers. For example, profiling the people who visit a retail store: the majority of the shoppers are between the age of 28 and 45; 60% of the shoppers are female, etc.

Customer segmentation is dividing your customers based on similar interests and is often based on customer profiles. It is done to make your marketing more targeted, to communicate with individual segments more efficiently, and save resources. For example, 40% of the customers shop online, 55% of the customers who visit the store make a purchase, and 70% of the customers shop during a sale.

Both customer profiling and segmentation can be done based on demography or behavior, profiling customers according to age or gender would be an example of demographical profiling, whereas, profiling customers based on whether they prefer to shop during the sale or online would be behavioral profiling.

Get tangible returns with our Customer Profiling and Customer Segmentation Services

Segmenting your customers helps you make better decisions. When marketing a product, it is not financially feasible to consider the whole world as your audience. Moreover, your audience should be able to relate to your marketing strategy.

Making your email marketing economical as well as relatable and thereby effective is only possible when you narrow down your audience and practice focus marketing. Choosing a segment of your customers and then devising a marketing treatment according to their needs is going to make your communication effective and exponentially increase your ROI. Like, considering the customers who shop online as the target audience and then framing a separate marketing strategy addressing them is bound to be more successful than attempting to create one campaign for all of your customers.

Choose mail prospects for Customer Profiling and Segmentation with marketing analytics

Mail Prospects is a known name for offering customer profiling and customer segmentation tools that are accompanied by marketing analytics, which helps you get rich insights into your key customers and in allocating your financial and marketing resources.

With our tools and services, you will be able to focus on customer segments while framing marketing campaigns. This will in turn improve customer satisfaction because the customers will feel seen. Universal marketing strategies can attract or retain customers through aesthetic appeal, but they aren't solution-oriented. People tend to buy products that help them solve problems. You will only be able to convince your customers that your product solves their problems if you know about their problems in the first place. Customer profiling and segmentation is an easy way to do that.

Your marketing, of course, can be multichannel but even within these channels you need to have a pre-decided space. Putting up your campaign everywhere will cost you a lot of money and your campaign will lack direction. Customer profiling and segmentation will save you money because you will be framing strategies for a smaller section of people.

In the consumer data category of customer segmentation, we will provide you with the following segments:

Address verification

Geographical location

Balance transfer

Behavior graphics

Consumer view

Data integrity

Digital Acquisition

Financial personalities

In addition to providing customer profiling and customer segmentation services, we will also help your brand grow holistically by informing you about customer interests in new products and services, identifying most and least profitable customer segments; thereby helping you in product development for customer segments, in customer retention, cost reduction and resource allocation.

Our global client base stands testimony to our dedication to helping you take your business to the next level. Our tools evolve with the latest and upcoming technological advancements which enable you to get the best results even when working with a budget.

Now that you know the benefits our services have to offer, why not avail of them without delay? Get in touch with us today!

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