Data Appending and Enhancement Services

In an age when individuals are constantly changing their contact details, changing their addresses, phone numbers, and jobs, it is imperative to ensure your old data is duly updated so you don't miss out on customers who're interested in doing business with you. Sending out mails to old or obsolete contacts not only increases your campaigning costs but also affects your profits. Proper data appending ensures that these discrepancies are avoided.

At Mail Prospects, we ensure that the whole data appending process goes through various stages to derive the best results for customers. Here's a brief look at our appending process:

Clarity: We ensure that the name, date of birth and address of potential clients are appropriately updated and verified to ensure the personal information provided to you is complete and accurate. As our mailing list of prospective clients is updated, it eliminates chances of sending out business proposals to contact details that are not in use anymore, thereby minimizing chances of wasted leads.

Suppression: Our team identifies customers or individuals who will not/ cannot respond due to change in address, death or other reasons. This reduces chances of customer irritation and mailing costs.

Validation: After updating contact details, we ensure that the individuals are present at registered addresses to ensure that your direct marketing efforts reach the intended recipient.

Compliance: We make it a point to identify and eliminate duplicate words within a file or two so that the same offer is not mailed to a single recipient multiple times.

We offer 90% deliverability in all the technology users mailing data. Get in touch with us to know more about our data append services.

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