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It is better to customize your mailing lists by demographics when a large chunk of your customers come from a particular location, industry, companies belonging to a particular size, etc. This can be because your products cater to only some people, maybe it solves different problems for different people, or simply because people coming from a particular background prefer your products. Nonetheless, once you have noticed a pattern, it is wise that you use that pattern as your strength and try and expand in areas where your business already has a footing.

Customization is the secret to successful marketing!

Setting out with a brilliant marketing strategy, but no goals regarding the audience is not a wise approach. Assuming that your product will conquer the entire market in one go is optimistic, but also wishful thinking. Your product may be one-size-fits-all, something that will be loved by most of the people, but, spending time and resources on studying the market response for your product and segmenting and prioritizing your customers always pays well.

Through observation and research, you will realize that there can be people or businesses who like your product more than others or maybe there are different reasons due to which they buy your product. Through customer segmentation, you can understand your customers and design your marketing strategies accordingly.

The reason why a prospective customer is more likely to open and act on an email marketing mail that has been created keeping in mind their profile is that then they realize that they need the product. Thus, even if a particular furniture company sends in offers with a general mail, it might not convince a startup manager, whereas a mail talking about how the same furniture is affordable and durable will.

Similarly, if you send a mail about affordable furniture to someone in a corporation it is unlikely that they will act on it. Here, it would be necessary that your company’s email list is customized by revenue size.

Thus, by segmenting your customers and prioritizing the segments that you can target, you will be able to make your marketing more cost-effective and convincing.

For accurate Demographic Targeted Email List, choose mail prospects

We guarantee you a 90 to 95% deliverability on all our marketing database. What makes us so confident is our years of experience in providing our customers with quality B2B email lists.

A marketing list can become outdated very quickly. Trends, people's needs, and interests change in a matter of seconds. And this is the reason why Mail Prospects only provides you with the most relevant data. We offer extraordinary 2,80,000 updates and 15 million records every month, ensuring that your data is relevant and not outdated.

Wide segmentation options available on our Demographic Mailing Database

Contact Title

First Name and Last Name

Contact Numbers – Phone, Mobile and Fax

Address – Postal, Email Address, Country, State, City, and Zip Code


Company Name – Employees Size


SIC Code


Revenue Size

With this variety of information, you can further personalize your emails. Personalizing will makes your mails stand out in comparison to your competitors’. A personalized email will act as a reassurance to your customers that you care enough and that they will receive individualized service throughout. Personalization will, thus, compel them to lean towards your brand which will in turn boost your ROI like never before.

The process of deciding who should or shouldn’t get your mail is often neglected. Investing in tools that help you decide and implement targeted marketing will save you money and efforts. Using a demographics email database will ensure that you only reach the customers who are interested in your products or services and are more likely to respond to your mail.

You will, however, need to ensure that the demographics mailing list that you use is expertly-collated and only provides you with the most relevant targeted data. So, if you are a business looking for customers belonging to a particular demographics, then you should opt for Mail Prospects’ demographics email list.

We will ensure that you connect with the key decision-makers; people who are in a position and have the purchasing power to act on your mail. We will provide you with step- by- step guidance in the journey to make your marketing strategy successful.

In case you want to test our services before, contact us for a free sample business email list and we will be more than happy to provide! So, get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mail Prospects has a proven track record of facilitating B2B campaigns across many global platforms. We have achieved this by providing customizable, demographic-segmented lists, which allow you to target your niche effectively.

Yes, the data we collect is obtained from 100% genuine and legal sources. Moreover, our email lists are GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant, which means you don’t have to worry about any legal issues.

We, at Mail Prospects, are here to fulfill all your email list-related needs. We offer highly targeted mailing lists – segmented based on demographics – that allow you to achieve high engagement and conversion rates.

If you’re looking to hyper-engage your target demographic, look no further. Mail Prospects offers a plethora of email list solutions, segmented based on demographics, to help you enhance your engagement and ROIs.

For precise and highly-targeted demographic mailing lists, choose Mail Prospects as your data provider. Not only do we verify and compile your database periodically but also collate our data from 100% opt-in sources.

To get verified and valid email lists, choose a reliable data partner such as Mail Prospects. The database we provide is verified monthly and is well-segmented to support all your marketing campaigns.

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