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Email marketing is an efficient way to get in touch with your target audience through personalized content, which ultimately results in better lead generation. However, many marketers fail to leverage this opportunity as they do not have access to a quality mailing database. This is because you cannot expand your business through email marketing if you don't have the right email database with you.

Mail Prospects can help with our quality best email appending services. We will add missing emails to your marketing database and help you reach the right prospects with the right message.

Choose our email append services and reduce response time and communication costs, deploy faster marketing campaigns, expand your marketing options, and drive better ROIs.

Why Email Append?

Email appending is a marketing practice, which involves taking customer data and matching it with a vendor's database to obtain appended, complete, and up-to-date email addresses. Email appending is a cost-effective practice that is essential for generating higher revenue through email marketing.

Mail Prospects is known as one of the leading email appending companies and our B2B email appending services can be used to fill in data gaps by rectifying the incorrect, invalid, or duplicate mailing data in your contact database. We can revamp your email records by adding the latest business and consumer email addresses, which will help you in reaching your target audience effectively. Adding verified email addresses to your database will permit you to send out email campaigns both for customer acquisition and retention.

How does Email Appending Work?

First, you have to submit your postal address database for data append with us. We will compare your database with our master database. Then, we will conduct a thorough check to examine incorrect, missing, invalid, and opt-out data in your email database. After this comes the actual appending or adding in of accurate email addresses. Once appended, our data experts will also run rigorous verification checks to ensure proper authentication. Once this is done, we will deliver the appended email list to you in desired format.

Here's Why You Should Opt for Our Email Append Services

Our email append solutions come with multiple benefits. Given below are some of them.

  • Unparalleled Hygiene

We make sure to update our databases monthly to enhance them and to get to rid of inaccuracies. With our email append solutions, your B2B email lists will go through a 6-stage verification procedure. Along with this, the database also experiences a restrictive 8-stage acceptance process to identify the email addresses connected with problematic spam traps, invalid messages, part accounts, known hard-skips, and more.

By opting for our best email appending services, you can reduce the blacklisting, blocking and bouncing rates of your marketing messages. Additionally, our email appending services also work in compliance with CAN-SPAM laws. Finally, time, date stamp, and beginning URL are accessed on all the email records.

  • High Match Rate

With our email appending services, you get high match rates. Our advanced data quality process eliminates inaccurate data and provides a match rate of more than 35%. Moreover, we also offer high data protection.

  • Opt-In Email Addresses

By opting for our email appending services, you can secure over 95% marketing deliverability on your multi-channel campaigns. This is because we provide 100% permission-based or opt-in email addresses only.

  • High Conversion Rates

If you opt for our B2B email appending services, your existing database will grow around 20 to 40%! Your sales and marketing teams can craft customized, faster, and cost-effective marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

  • Performance-Based Pricing

We charge performance-based pricing on our best email appending services, which means that you will be paying us based on the actual performance of your marketing campaigns.

In a nutshell, with our B2B email appending solutions, you get a well-functioning email database that helps in enhancing ROIs at affordable marketing costs. Also, foster long-term business relations with worldwide prospects.

What is Reverse Email Append?

We at Mail Prospects also extend reverse email append services. If you have your prospects' email addresses, but you require postal information, then you can acquire that through our reverse email append. With the help of our reverse email append services, you can also get your email database further segmented by geo-location.

Additionally, we also maintain a secure FTP in compliance with the email list.

When looking for best email appending services to enhance your email database, choose Mail Prospects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Email appending is defined as the process of adding missing email addresses to an existing mailing database for improving marketing success. Herein, customer data is compared to a vendor’s master database and the missing email addresses are added to the existing mailing database.

Email appending is a cost-effective way to make your existing customer mailing database more accurate, relevant, and responsive. As a result, you can expect higher customer acquisition and retention rates, better ROIs and brand equity across channels.

There is more than one type of email appending services available. These are as follows -

  • Business email append
  • Consumer email append, and
  • Reverse email append

Mail Prospects’ email appending involves a six-stage verification process to ensure that the final database that you receive is 100% accurate, deliverable, and permission-based. With Mail Prospects as your email appending service provider, you can grow your existing mailing database by 20 to 40%!

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