Capture your TAM by targeting leads that show the strongest buying signals

With Mail Prospects’ doctors mailing list, you can get in touch with the medical community like never before. There are around 10 to 15 million doctors practicing globally. Identifying the relevant audience for your business offerings can prove to be a challenge. Our data experts are here to make it all smooth sailing! Simply let us know your key specifications, and we will develop a targeted mailing list that will connect you with a genuinely interested audience, shortening the sales cycles significantly.

You can have your doctors mailing database segmented on the basis of –

  • Geo-Location – Country, State, City, Town, County, Metropolitan Area, or even Zip Code
  • Area of Specialization – Cardiology, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, and more
  • Type of Practice – Hospital-affiliated or Private Practice
  • SIC or NAICS Codes

Tele-Verified Doctors Email List for 100% Accurate Contact Details

Doctors Contact List That Facilitates Multi-Channel Marketing

The sales leads database you procure from us can be used to target your clients across their most preferred channels of communication. While we do the heavy-lifting, all you have to do is craft hyper-personalized messages tailored to each lead’s position in the sales funnel. These could include direct marketing, event marketing, email marketing, tele-calling, and social media marketing.

The list of doctors email addresses will help you take calculative steps so that you can score top-quality leads. You will know your target audience’s –

  • Budget
  • Purchasing Power or Decision-Making Authority (applicable in case of hospital-affiliated doctors)
  • Need or Pain-Point
  • Timeline of Their Need

This information will help you target the hottest sales leads at the right time for better chances of making a sale.

Over 75 Core Data Fields Covered in Doctors Email Database

Contact Title


Phone, Mobile and Fax

Business contact number

Postal Address

Email Address


State, City, Zip Code


Company Name

Employees Size

Revenue Size


SIC code NAICS Code

Use Mail Prospects’ Doctors Email List To –

  • Bring your email deliverability to a minimum of 90% every single time
  • Target qualified leads based on purchase intent
  • Bag as many in-market buyers as possible
  • Feed your doctor leads’ hunger for knowledge based on their position in the sales funnel
  • Carry out successful ABM strategies
  • Improve your marketing metrics, especially ROIs and click-throughs
  • Gain competitive edge in record time
  • Carry out both lead-gen and demand-gen campaigns

Give Your Competitors a Run for Their Money

Busy as they are, doctors hate marketing gimmicks more than anything. Still, great content can’t save you unless you know who to present it to. Our doctors contact database is the missing piece of your marketing puzzle!

Broaden your marketing network by availing benefits like –

  • 100% accurate and opt-in data
  • 100% intent-based leads
  • 90% deliverability guarantee
  • Data segmentation based on your unique needs
  • CRM-friendly file that requires no third-party tool for integration
  • Strict data compliance to GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and more
  • Cost and time-effectiveness
  • Multi-step verification process

We Can Even Revive Your Existing Doctors Mailing List!

Do you own a home-bred healthcare contact list that is not delivering desirable results? Time to give it an overhaul! Mail Prospects’ growth-driven data experts can do that too! Choose from our wide range of supportive services, including –

  • Data Cleansing
  • Email Appending
  • Data Appending
  • Data Enrichment

Deliver hyper-relevant content to your potential customers and see incredibly high lead conversions.

Now, it can all be done in three simple steps. Just let us know your unique marketing goals and struggles. Our data team will compile a FREE sample for your review. Only once you’re satisfied with our email listing services, you can initiate a purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your 100% accurate doctors mailing list today!

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Our Targeted Healthcare Wise Email List Includes:


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