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Try our subscription based business contacts to reach out niche industries. With Mail Prospects‘ Industry Mailing Lists, marketers can reach out to selected range of business specialties. These marketing lists are triple-verified, making email deliverability success, can be used for direct mail, telemarketing and email campaign.

Industry Based Counts:

Sic Code Industry Records
01 - 09 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing 219,851
10 - 14 Mining 33,220
l5 - 17 Construction 215,202
20 - 39 Manufacturing 466,440
40 - 49 Transportation & Public Utilities 181,942
50 - 51 Wholesale Trade 227,302
52 - 59 Retail Trade 375,206
60 - 67 Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 487,361
70 - 89 Services 1,742,489
91 - 99 Public Administration 79,386
Unclassified X

Features of Ready-Made Industry Lists from Mail Prospects:

Data Quality and Accuracy

We aim to create marketing campaign ROI with data intelligence to ensure the accuracy of a manual and automatic verification process.

Formatted Sheet/Ready File

Once data is collected and verified, it is then segmented in a .csv file to be provided to our clients

License Usage

To keep businesses fair, we ensure to practice ethical ways of doing business with an unlimited usage license. Thus, every communication is being documented, making it sure no hidden costs are charged on lists that are provided.

The Industry Email lists of Mail Prospects include:


Email or Title




Annual sales volume

Years of Employment

Specific Geographical area

Nature of Business

Professional Licensure

What does our Industry Mailing List include?

As one of the premium providers of email marketing services, we ensure that our portfolio covers almost all the prominent sectors of the global economy. The segments covered by our industrial mailing lists include:

Mail Prospects provide Industry email list on Region or Country basis:

Check our data gathering methodology

  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Site Visits and Program Observation
  • Using community measures
  • Trade shows, magazines, web portals, etc.

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