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Are you dealing with low CTR, minimal conversion rates, or even a low opening rate? If yes, then you know that your marketing campaigns are not going well. In the 21st century, no matter how robust your campaign is, how will you generate conversions if your audience does not interact with it? Don’t feel like a Peter Pan sans pixie dust! A comprehensive, data-rich list of marketing mailing leads will help you address this problem in the following ways:

  • Higher CTR rates
  • Audience targeting
  • Data insights to modulate campaigns
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Precision business targeting
  • Higher ROIs

However, you can achieve all this only when you have an excellent marketing database with you. Be it CEO mailing lists, marketing mailing lists, HR mailing lists, and more, quality is of the utmost importance. If you are looking for sales-ready marketing leads and mailing lists with more than 90% deliverability and 100% accuracy, reach out to Mail Prospects today!

Premium mailing list solutions to interact directly with the key decision-makers

After being in the industry for several years, Mail Prospects has global contacts in over 500 different industries. We also have helped our clients earn more than 12 billion in ROI, and are the undisputed leaders in marketing leads and email lists.

With our targeted email lists, you can have access to significant decision-makers in any industry, such as:

CEO Mailing List

CFO Mailing List

CDO Mailing List

CSO Mailing List

CAO Mailing List

CTO Mailing List

CMO Mailing List

CXO Mailing List

CIO Mailing List

COO Mailing List

Is an important marketing aspect slipping through the cracks?

Marketing is no big deal; however, successful marketing is. And as such, must be given its due diligence. Have you taken care of all the important aspects of marketing to genuine prospects? You may have a robust, active, and responsive B2B email list now but are you equipped to regularly churn your contacts so as to not end up with the non-relevant ones?

Marketing is as much about ruthless editing as it is about enthused gathering – from time to time, your business’ marketing database needs to undergo rigorous hygiene checks so that you always have the most qualified contacts with you or you could not just jeopardize a good amount of ROI, but even put your brand’s reputation on the line.

Mail Prospects’ premium-quality business email lists go through regular hygiene checks and practices to ensure that the resulting database is relevant at all times. So, now you see, when we say 95% deliverability guarantee, we mean it!

Updated info on the hottest email leads across industry verticals

Want to expand your reach? We have your back! Whether you are just branching out into a new industry or have been a veteran player looking to boost your marketing game, we can help. With Mail Prospects, you can increase your sales up to 50%, with a 95% success rate, in a variety of precision-targeted industries, such as –

  • Automotive Industry
  • Banking and Finance Sector
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Telecommunications Sector
  • Textile Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry and many more!

With these mailing lists, you can not only strengthen your grip on an existing market but branch out into new ones! Tap into international clients from Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Canada, South America, and many more countries - and see your business go through the roof.

The best Marketing Mailing Lists - on a budget!

With Mail Prospects - focus your effort where it matters - on the marketing! Are you worried about the expenses and budgeting aspect? Don't worry! We offer our marketing lists at extremely reasonable rates so that you can put your best foot forward - on a budget.

Mail Prospects provides high-quality B2B email lists, full of various data points. If you are looking for something specific, then have a look at our customized solutions! We cover multiple data points in our lists, such as:



Number of branches

Size of company

Executive contacts, positions, titles, etc.

Postal addresses

Email addresses

Type of organization

Number of offices

And hundreds more!

We can add or remove categories according to your specific needs and provide you the ammunition to make a truly dynamic and impactful campaign!

The best time to boost your sales? today!

Time is indeed money. So, save your money and your time by reaching out to Mail Prospects today. With 100% accurate data, 90% deliverability, and the best market rates, you cannot go wrong with us! Reach out to us for a free mailing sample for to see the benefits of targeting qualified marketing leads.

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