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Get the latest insights, market research, and ideas with HR Professionals and Directors of HR Email List.100% Verified, Targeted, and Segregated. Our human resources email addresses is filled with accurate information that can help you reach your targeted contacts faster, giving you a major edge over your competitors.

Are you looking to generate more human resource leads? Do you wish to boost your business revenue? Well, with Mail Prospects’ HR Mailing List you achieve that and much more. With the right tool, you can always achieve new heights and be at par with your competitors. Over the years, the demand for excellent personal management teams has gotten higher. With competent Human Resource professionals, you can achieve the company’s core success and develop them culturally.

The HR executives help in the recruiting process, maintaining payroll and employee fringe benefits, manage internal conflicts, training, and so much more. They are also involved in supervising the staff and specialists, consulting with higher-level executives on matters pertaining to the strategic development of the company and the company’s management. Email marketing is one of the fastest-growing channels of communication and marketing in the era of digitization. With an effective email marketing list, you can improve the quality of your marketing campaigns and overcome the hurdle of the B2B landscape. With our premium HR Executives Email List, you can connect with some of the top businesses and professionals in the HR industry.

Our HR Email Address List Includes the Below Job Titles

HR Category Total Counts Available HR Category Total Counts Available
HR Directors Mailing List 67000 HR Specialist Email Addresses 34000
HR Manager Email List 84000 Employee Benefits Law Specialist 12000
Employee Retention Manager 7800 Senior Human Resources Specialist 8000
Benefits Coordinator List 6000 Compensation Analyst 4000
Talent Acquisition Manager 5600 HRIS Manager Email List 8000
Employee Relations Consultant 9800 HR Administrator List 25000
Labor Relations Consultant 8000 Human Resources Generalist 11000
Request Counts

Amplify campaign success with our List Of Human Resources Email Addresses

Reaching your targeted contacts is not enough to gain the benefits you are looking for in your business. You need feedback! When you reach out to the right company that specializes in HR email databases you take the first step towards improving your business revenue, ROI, Sales, and much more.

Our HR Managers Email List and multichannel marketing strategy can help you reach out to your prospects and targeted audience and you deliver your message to them. With the correct List of Human Resources Email Addresses Contact, you can convert your cold leads into warm leads and help you nurture them into becoming a paying client. Our extensive HR Executives Email List comprises verified mailing addresses, which can help you in gaining international coverage and connect you with key decision-makers and top executives in the HR world.

How Does Our HR Contacts Database Selection Process Works?

In order to improve as well as maintain the quality of our Human Resources Email List, our data analysts perform a four-step verification process on our database. The following are the steps of that process:

    Accuracy or cleansing

    which is the first step of our verification process. At this stage, we can identify inaccurate and wrong information, which prevents our list from data decay and list corruption, which makes our hr email list error-free and your marketing campaign a success.


    It is the process where we separate contacts that may be more useful based on your requirements. This process helps us develop a list that may present you with clients who are in decision-making authorities and can make you the right offer at the right time.


    It is the most crucial process of data collection. Our analysts verify the data they collected to ensure that they are authentic and deliverable. If our HR Mailing List is not accurate and filled with wrong information, you will not be able to reach your true potential, which is something we don’t want. Therefore, we at Mail Prospects ensure that each data is up to your requirements and authentic.

    List Enhancement

    It is the last step of our data collection process. Under this process, Mail Prospects ensure that you have high-quality leads that can help you in expanding your market and reaching your target audience at the same time yielding better results and maximum ROI.

The information we provide in our Human Resources Email List includes:

First Name

Last Name

Company Name

Email Address

Phone Number


Mailing Address

Web Address

Job Title

SIC Code


Employee Size

Benefits of Choosing our HR Executives Email List

  • Detailed and Authentic: All our lists are curated using detailed information that is collected from trusted sources like government records, company conferences, and much more. Our data analysts further analyze the information to ensure that it is clean and authentic.
  • New Data: Our HR Executives Email List is updated every 90 days and we strive to maintain the accuracy and relevance of our mailing list. Our lists are free of duplicate contents and all discrepancies that reduce bounce rate as well as enhance the response rate.
  • Marketing Reach: With our extensive and exclusive list you can reach out to the key decision-makers in the industry and connect with the via multi-channel communication, which helps in forging long-lasting relationships and striking deals with prospective clients.
  • Customization: Our lists are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of your business. At Mail Prospects, we customize our HR Managers Mailing list to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. We let our clients choose from the following parameters like Job Title/Roles, Company size, SIC Code, Job Function, Revenue Size, and others allow them to better customize their list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our email database is maintained regularly to ensure that the data is 100% accurate and up-to-date. Be it Email Marketing, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, or Fax marketing, the right accuracy in our data helps you to scale your sales as well as focus on your multi-channel marketing campaigns much better. Our Human Resource Email List helps you to obtain maximum visibility and response in a short span.

Since we have intelligent solutions in place and also have a separate team of experts looking after the HR Executives Mailing List of companies, you can be assured of data accuracy and authenticity.

Our database is well-maintained both manually and automatically. We do that every 2-3 months but if there’s a real need, we also do it in a few weeks. So, you can be assured to up-to-date details.

Yes, we adhere to all the guidelines and anti-spam laws compliance. So, you don’t even have to worry about spam emails.

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