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We get it, not everyone has time to read through a white paper or eBook. That’s why we’ve developed these infographics that were custom made to make marketers smarter. Download these data visualizations, and visual guides for a fun, quick way to learn about a marketing topic.


Email Marketing Showbiz – The Flunks and the Stars

Its hard to believe that its half past year of 2013. Tons of great things happened in the world of marketing this year but a medium that has reigned the maximum brownie points for its unique features is Email.

SEO Triumph

Factors That Transpires Online Business Success Rankings

As search engine continues to work towards improving the results returned for their users, marketers must continue to optimize websites and create relevant content to build relevancy and authority.

Establishing Social Media as an Effective B2B Marketing Tool

Social media has a key role in digital and online marketing. As billions of consumers continue to visit social networks and platforms, more and more netizens go to the Internet to look or ask for advice.

Apple – Leading the Market Statistics

Apple success is always under construction and looks for new horizons. Billions of consumers still believe the brand blind folded. It produces leading examples to corporate world and lays down the new age marketing techniques to be followed. 

White Papers

Solutions, Best Practices and More

Mail Prospctes white papers are a resource for today’s B2B marketers looking to learn best practices, and actionable tips.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing confines the marketing world within. It’s a thought of individual accounts or customer prospects as the market of one.

Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting as a technique have employed various channels, each having its own unique properties of deliverability.

Email Marketing

Customer Engagement through Email Marketing

Email marketing, still continues to be the driving force in cross-channel integration, as marketers’ email strategies often act as connectors to Website.

Case Studies

Discover companies who have found success with Mail Prospects

Email Database Case-study


Hyper targeted Business Mailing List that Delivers Relevant messages to Hard-to-Reach Manufacturing and Automotive industry

Email Marketing Case Study


CFO list to target key decision makers within companies for driving faster, quicker and targeted results.

Mailing List Case Study


Enormous decision makers list from Mail Prospects excites Starshot for the next level business.