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In today’s competitive business environment, personalization or targeting is the name of the game. The key to success for any business to make its customers feel as important as possible. This is only possible if the content aimed at them suits their specific needs. You can accurately target the right business individuals using our targeted mailing lists.

When it comes to forms of digital marketing, it is a known fact that email has one of the highest success rates when it comes to engagement. It beats social media, affiliate marketing, etc. by a huge margin. A company looking to increase the response rates from its customers should look at the customized mailing list provided by us.

Thus, we at Mail Prospects are here to provide you with the best possible targeted email list. We guarantee a higher success rate with lower bounce rates than any other provider and our database consists of a large number of direct mailing list that your business can leverage.

Use our Targeted Email List to target an array of industries

Identifying strong prospects to sell to has never been easier. With our mailing list solutions, you are guaranteed, no matter the industry your business operates in, to reach the right people and engage them consistently.

Just some of the mailing lists we have in our database are:

Business Services




IT and Telecom


Personal Services

Professional Services

Retail, Wholesale


Verified marketing leads with our highly accurate Targeted List

It is crucial for any business to have a refined mailing list that can be used to send personalized messages targeted at the right audience. This ensures that the recipients of the email engage with it and stay interested in the message.

We, at Mail Prospects, also ensure that the targeted marketing email list are also updated regularly. This eliminates any possibility of inactive emails being there in the database. These updates generally happen every quarter.

At Mail Prospects, it is the extensive process that goes behind the creation of a marketing mailing list that makes it superior to other mailing lists. Our market intelligence, as well as our expertise in data science, has led us to create mailing lists with the highest success rate.

Grow your business through our Targeted Mailing List by contacting CEOs and CFOs

It is also the versatility in the types of mailing lists provided by us that sets us apart from others. Our database consists of targeted mailing list not only for potential consumers but for all possible stakeholders that a business could have.

In addition to this, we also have a huge database of designation wise mailing lists if a company has to further deep dive into the type of stakeholder it wants to target. This includes mailing lists such as CEO Mailing List, CFO Mailing List as well as mailing lists for other positions in a company.

Another feature about our database that separates us from others is the fact that our direct mailing lists can be segregated according to different parameters. These parameters can be demographic, geographic, or anything else. We also cater to both B2B as well as B2C clients with a huge database of email marketing list in either category.

Ensure higher ROIs with our Targeted Mailing List

Client satisfaction is extremely important to us. There are regular updates not only to the entire database but to your particular email list as well. Inactive emails and email addresses with low engagement rates are replaced periodically in our targeted mailing list.

This ensures that the overall engagement rate of your business only goes up. With a track record of over 9.6lakh updates per month and a total of 15 million records, Mail Prospects is your one-stop-shop for all your mailing list needs.

The highly targeted mailing list provided by us will help your business achieve a higher ROI, will increase customer loyalty, and will also help establish long term relationships with stakeholders. Not to mention the ever-increasing engagement rate.

In this era of digital marketing, Mail Prospects is here to provide your business with accurate, well-targeted mailing lists to help boost response rates. Contact us today for a sample targeted mailing list to elevate your business to the next level!

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Our Targeted Technology Wise Email List Includes:


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