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Big data is a catch-word which is used to describe volumes of both structured and unstructured data that are in clutter form and it becomes difficult to understand and process using the traditional database and software techniques. This is where big data Users Email List comes to the rescue.

Big Data is a high-volume innovative form of data processing that enables enhanced insights, decision making, and process automation.

Big Data can be categorized in 3V's:

  • Volume of Data
  • Variety of Types of Data
  • Velocity at Which the Data Must Be Must Processed

Where Is Big Data Coming From?

Before you try to make some sense of big data, it's very important to know its origins. There is an increasing number of big data sources every year, but most usually they fall into three main categories, they are:

Streaming Data: It is also called the internet of things: It is a concept where the data reaches the IT systems from the web of well-connected devices. The respective organization will be able to analyze this data and decide which to keep and which not to and what requires further analysis.

Social Media Data: Social media data is increasingly becoming appealing to the marketing, sales and support functions. Since the data here is unstructured or in semi-structured form, it poses a unique challenge when analyzing it.

Publicly Available Sources: Massive amounts of data are available through open data sources like US government's, the CIA World Factbook or the European Union Open Data Portal.

Objectives for Big Data

Big Data, an information technology which also has the capacity to bring about dramatic cost reduction, substantial improvements, and time required to perform a particular task or a new product and service offering like many other information technologies. It can also support internal business decisions like traditional analytics.

Most often, the technologies and concepts Big Data allow organizations to achieve a number of different objectives, but usually companies' concentrate on one or two. The most frequently chosen objectives is how the process is, that is, who leads the initiative, whether it will fit the organization and how to manage the project, than just the outcomes and financial benefits.

So, How Our Mailing List Fit Into Big Data?

Mail Prospects helps you get in touch with the big data users email list. Be it legacy organizations or start-ups, Mail Prospects provides mailing lists to all the companies depending on your targets and requirement.

What does Mail Prospects' Big Data users mailing list consist of?

Business Name

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Industry and more.

By far, Mail Prospects has been providing mailing list under number 12 most important job titles, such as:

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer

Machine Learning Scientist

Business Analytics Specialist

Data Visualization Developer

Business Intelligence (BI) Engineer

BI Solutions Architect

BI Specialist

Analytics Manager

Machine Learning Engineer


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