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Electronic mail has, over the years, established itself as the most effective digital and contact marketing tool. It is no surprise that today every business is looking to increase its visibility through our targeted business email list, you can successfully target businesses in the United Kingdom and generate highly accurate marketing leads.

To begin with, personalized, customized, and targeted content are the three features that every business must look for when drafting an email to market a product or service. The greater the degree of specificity in the content, the higher is the chance that a potential customer will engage with the email.

This is where we at Mail Prospects come in with our targeted business email list. We provide our clients with the most accurate email lists from our huge marketing database, specifically focused on consumers based in the United Kingdom.

Our aim as a mailing list solutions provider is to offer the best and most accurate data to a business for it to directly market their products/services to stakeholders.

Minimum 95% success rate guaranteed with mail prospect’s UK Mailing Lists

Through our UK Mailing list, you save both time and money by focusing on the right customers. Ultimately, this brings you a higher engagement rate and a successful contact marketing campaign.

Our email lists are curated carefully after extensive market research; our in-house researchers ensure a minimum success rate of 95%! These lists also undergo multiple verifications to ensure all invalid emails are eliminated.

If your business is based in the United Kingdom, we have a database of email addresses that ensures maximum reach and engagement for your business. With our extensive targeted email marketing list, you can take your business to the next level with greater customer satisfaction.

Use UK Business Mailing List to generate quality marketing leads

Within our UK business email list database, the data is further divided according to numerous parameters, which are demographic, geographic, other parameters. It is up to the client to decide which B2B email list will be the most beneficial. By choosing a mailing list based on the right parameters, there is a higher chance of achieving the desired response rate.

Apart from the email itself, our extensive UK business marketing email list also contains other data fields that can be of potential use to create highly targeted campaigns. Some of these data fields are:

Contact Name

Job Title

Phone and Fax

Business Name

SIC and NAICS codes

Web address




As for the database itself, we ensure that the mailing lists are updated quarterly. This is to ensure a continuous increase in the response rates if not maintain them at an already high level. Adding to this, all lists provided by us undergo a multi-step verification before delivery.

Mail Prospects caters to businesses in both B2B and B2C categories. The vast database ensures that regardless of the type of business or the industry, we have the most accurate email list for you catered for the United Kingdom.

All delivery of our email database happens in multiple formats, namely excel, ASCII, and CSV. Along with email addresses, we also provide our clients with data fields to serve their needs better.

Our UK Mailing List gives you safe and secure data

A feature of our UK business email list database that sets us apart is the fact that it is data-driven. Our database caters to data-driven industries, some of which being Information Technology (IT), Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Operations, among many others.

Our team ensures that our business email list are such that they comply with privacy and protection laws. Especially with the advent of GDPR, privacy is now a key concern for any company and we at Mail Prospects go a step further to ensure that your UK business email list complies with all privacy regulations.

Our highly personalized UK marketing email list ensure that your business can achieve the highest response rate while maintaining a low bounce rate. Be sure to contact us for a sample of our UK mailing business list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can have your database collated on the basis of the State, City, Zip Code, Industry, Job Title, NAICS Code, SIC Code, and more.

Your UK email list will cover several core data fields such as contact name, job title, postal and email address, direct calling number, company name, size, and revenue, etc.

Our data sources are 100% genuine and legal sources such as trade shows, company and public records, government records, surveys, and yellow pages, among others.

With our UK mailing list, you can directly connect with C-level executives and key decision-makers of the companies you’re targeting without passing through middlemen.

Our UK mailing list offers unlimited usage. With frequent data cleansing and enhancement, you can use it for a lifetime.

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