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Digital marketing through electronic mail is one of the most cost and time-effective methods of implementing a targeted marketing campaign. However, merely having a huge email list is not enough, you must also ensure that you have a US email list in place, refined for your audience to have a high engagement rate.

A well-refined email list is one that caters to a specific subset of consumers. One of the most common subsets of email lists that companies use is geographical lists. Geo-targeted mailing list help you personalize your marketing campaigns and wow your customers.

Highly curated US Marketing Email List at the best price

At Mail Prospects, you get access to clean and optimized US business mailing list. Our lists contain a highly curated subset of our entire database focused on stakeholders based in the United States of America.

Our experienced team of professionals and researchers have developed a huge database of well-optimized marketing database, particularly for the US market. These email lists are further available on a state-wise basis as well. We offer the most accurate US mailing lists for your business at the most affordable price.

Just some of the databases used by us to provide you with the best US mailing list are the US Census Bureau, US Chamber of Commerce, and other officially reported data. These lists are aimed at generating marketing leads for your business.

Guaranteed high success rate with our US Business List across B2B and B2C

At Mail Prospects, we offer a minimum success rate of 95% with our US marketing email list. The database of email addresses is updated every quarter to ensure that the chances of an invalid email are minimal.

Our highly personalized US business mailing list not only include the email addresses but also numerous other data fields. These data fields can be used to develop the content of the mail in a highly targeted manner to generate a high response rate. Some of these data fields are:

Contact Title


Phone, Mobile and Fax

Business contact number

Postal Address

Email Address


State, City, Zip Code


Company Name

Employees Size

Revenue Size


SIC code NAICS Code

Regardless of whether your business is in the B2B or B2C domain, we provide US mailing list solutions for all types of companies. Industry-specific mailing lists are also available if your company aims to send an extremely targeted message to consumers operating in a particular industry.

In addition to the data fields mentioned above, we also segregate our US mailing list database using company designations. Within US business mailing list, we also provide CEO mailing list and Vice President mailing lists, all catering to the US.

Verified US Email List to expand your business the right way

To ensure that the email lists are healthy over a while, we follow strict procedures to verify each email address’ deliverability. In addition to this, the IP addresses are also verified. We aim to produce a highly accurate B2C and B2B email list so that your business can achieve maximum engagement with minimum failures.

Our US business mailing list are used by startups as well as multinationals. Regardless of the scale and type of business your company, our email lists can help you create a market presence and effectively launch targeted marketing campaigns.

We ensure that the delivery of our email marketing list happens in three formats so that it suits all your needs. The formats are excel spreadsheets, CSV, and ASCII. All US mailing list are updated regularly to ensure the most accurate marketing campaign for your business.

Privacy is also taken into account while curating these US business mailing list, we ensure no infringement of any privacy laws which could hamper your company’s reputation.

Data-Driven US Mailing List to generate higher ROI

One unique feature of our US marketing email list is the fact that they are data-driven. The lists are optimized in a way that ensures maximum responses from the recipients. Designing a targeted yet versatile marketing campaign has never been easier.

We, at Mail Prospects, are here to cater to all your US marketing email list needs. Our lists are designed in a way that minimizes cost and time spent on marketing. Time saved here can be used to develop sharp content for your campaigns. Be sure to contact us for a sample of our US mailing data!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know the effort involved in transforming data into actionable insights. That’s why we update our contact data every 30 days to ensure that none of your marketing efforts goes to waste.

With Mail Prospects’ email lists, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Our mailing lists come in various formats – Excel, .csv, and more – which can easily be integrated with analytics and CRM platforms.

At Mail Prospects, we know the importance of engaging the right audience. Hence, we provide customizable email lists, which we curate based on your target audience requirements and business objectives.

We collate our data from a series of credible offline and online sources. This ensures that you can access multi-channel verified, and precision-targeted data to boost your campaign performance.

Yes, our databases are updated monthly. We check our data’s accuracy against millions of sources and apply the updates wherever necessary.

Yes, our data management teams curate these lists through a thorough inspection of the market and your business needs. Hence, you can effectively get your hands on new leads and pass it down to your sales team.

Yes, with our US email lists, engaging your market niche becomes a piece of cake. We also customize the email lists based on your specifications, which allows you to upscale your targeting.

Our expert team of data management professionals spend hours validating and filtering the data, making our lists highly accurate. Moreover, the contact information is periodically refreshed as well.

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