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Reach the targeted group of customers and save time and resources. Mail Prospects' US Email Database.

Mail Prospects' experienced team of professionals provide you with the best, optimized US mailing list that duly complement your business needs. If you are heading a business in a country that has diverse topography, culture and consumption patterns, you need to ensure that your campaign designs are as versatile to suit your business needs the most. Mail Prospects will help you in your effort to reach out to wider base of targeted customers by providing updated and well-optimized business mailing lists in USA.

USA State Based Counts:

State Records State Records State Records
AK 10,733 KY 40,415 NY 244,915
AL 45,799 LA 43,347 OH 147,069
AR 26,168 MA 115,044 OK 37,706
AZ 74,898 MD 72,786 OR 63,221
CA 492,359 ME 16,983 PA 153,516
CO 81,295 MI 109,580 RI 12,947
CT 61,764 MN 88,390 SC 43,145
DC 25,979 MO 65,241 SD 11,846
DE 11,338 MS 24,492 TN 63,051
FL 239,127 MT 14,773 TX 282,120
GA 119,593 NC 105,737 UT 32,471
HI 12,448 ND 11,328 VA 101,324
IA 42,906 NE 25,310 VT 9,707
ID 18,884 NH 20,017 WA 92,491
IL 169,971 NJ 109,760 WI 75,798
IN 69,855 NM 18,918 WV 12,577
KS 37,780 NV 26,069 WY 6,336

You will get reliable and organized data in US Mailing Lists which includes information like:

Contact Title


Phone, Mobile and Fax

Business contact number

Postal Address

Email Address


State, City, Zip Code


Company Name

Employees Size

Revenue Size


SIC code NAICS Code

The up-to-date (Opt-in) lists we provide are of superior quality and are easily downloadable. The leading metrics guiding these lists are compatible with those of the top quality US business email list in the market.

The US mailing list we provide includes business database such as:

  • Owners of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Annual Sales
  • Employee Size
  • Company Presidents, Vice-Presidents, CEO and other senior officials
  • Address
  • SIC code – Industry Specific, and over 100 more selection options
  • Geography

Why us?

  • Database source include US Census Bureau, US Chamber of Commerce, Listings, Reported Data.
  • Our services are backed by flawless data processing and list brokerage services which help us provide simplified but effective marketing solutions
  • The US Mailing lists are aimed at generating more marketing leads for your business
  • These lists are updated on a quarterly basis and that further promises high deliverability in all of our US mailing data

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